Having had my first ever Personal Training session this morning, it occurred to me just how important it has been for me to have had mentorship and coaching in various areas of life in the last year or so.

[** video below if you prefer to watch/listen! **]

I’d put this off for a long time as thought of it as an extravagant expense. I now see it as an investment and means of getting results faster than struggling along on my own.

This in turn makes it money well spent rather than – for example – a gym membership holding no value if I a) I don’t go, or b) I go but faff about for less than an hour not exerting myself anywhere near as much as I could or should!

I’m sure I’m not alone so I thought I’d share! So, here’s 3 reasons why I believe we should all see mentorship and coaching of any form an ‘investment’ rather than an ‘expense’.


Without a doubt, the notion of having someone waiting for you and breathing down your neck makes you far more likely to show up and follow through!

There is not a chance I would have been at the gym this morning on the dot of 9am had I not had this session booked. I was in fact EARLY – which anyone who knows me will tell you is a total impossibility. But I was… Stick that in your pipes my friends (and my mother)!


We are all mere mortals born in to this world with the same moving parts. The only difference between you and someone you admire for succeeding in a particular area in life is time, focus and a degree of effort to master something.

Seeing the results someone else has achieved to an elite standard proves it’s possible and you can leverage their knowledge and skillsets by shortcutting a lot of trial and error that they will have already worked through.

In the case of today’s training session, I was being coached by a female boxer who is in the kind of shape I would like to get in to so she knows the best workouts and training methods that will get me there.

Mentors carve a path for you to follow using proven methods, guiding you away from pitfalls and errors that could cost you time and money. Better still, getting results for yourself sooner will serve to motivate you to keep pursuing the end goal.


When my thighs started to seriously burn during my second set of sumo dead lifts, only my ego was going to get me through a third set as I certainly didn’t feel like my body would! That is, until Gemma upped the weight. Ugh.

But, after the appropriate rest time between sets, I managed to get through another 8 squatty looking moves with the heavier bar. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have pushed myself to that degree had I been in the gym on my own. In fact I know I’d have been half way to the shower and sauna after the first set!

Experts in any field have the experience to see the potential in people and scenarios beyond what we could possibly see without that expertise. They can therefore set us goals that serve a longer term potential and ensure we push ourselves beyond what our own limiting beliefs will allow us to see as possible.

I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I’m in now having walked away from a corporate career only 18months after starting an online business without mentorship. Everything I have gained from being a part of the Six Figure Mentors‘ community made that possible.

It continues to push me to think at a different level and has opened my eyes to opportunities I never even knew existed a couple of years ago!

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