Good question – I’m glad you’re asking! I am a professional affiliate marketer, online business consultant and coach.

I started building an internet based business around my sales job in back in 2013. In July 2015, I left the corporate world to pursue this more lifestyle-friendly path full time.

My focus is now helping as many people as I can build and grow businesses that will similarly allow them to live life on their own terms. I am proud to work with some of the leading providers of digital education on the planet.

I get paid to recommend the tools and coaching programs that I know and trust. These are the same products directly responsible for the success I have had to date. As such, I do not charge to coach and mentor the students I work with.

If you have any questions about anything you see here or would like to work with me, drop me a line or set up an appointment via the Contact page.

I can’t wait to start supporting you in dreaming, building and living YOUR wifi life!

My Story So Far…

WELL…after spending much of my twenties travelling, living and working in various corners of the world, I reached the big ‘3-0’ and started to wonder what I was going to do with the rest of my life!

It was a frustrating, catch-22 scenario of feeling pretty happy with an awesome lifestyle but at the same time, the idea of ‘settling down’ had some appeal.

Ironically, I used to joke about running my own business from my laptop one day so I could keep all the best bits of the lifestyle I’d been indulging in for a decade as a 20-something nomad! My friends and I would laugh it off but it was an idea I couldn’t stop thinking about.

Going back to London and the same old routine of not having enough time or money to enjoy any kind of lifestyle was just not an option after ‘living the dream’ for so long.

And I certainly wasn’t OK with the idea of waiting until I was 65 and retired before living it again!

That is, until my lovely Uncle Barry was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 12-18months to live. I was working on a yacht by this stage and at anchor in the middle of nowhere, somewhere off the coast of Mexico. I dropped everything (literally) and got on the next flight home. I was glad I did as he died 4weeks later. My priorities had changed overnight.

‘Living the dream’ working on cruise ships! Or so I thought… my definition of freedom was apparently very different then!

My wake up call: returning to London after living it up overseas because my uncle was given 18months to live. He died 4weeks later. F**K YOU, CANCER 🙁

The joys of the corporate rat race. Doing my best Madonna in a momentary step away from the cubicle of sales, cold calling and generally not seeing daylight.

Long story short, circumstances meant I was turning 30, back in the ‘rat race’ of London employment, in an average sales job struggling to make enough money or find the time to have any kind of lifestyle doing the things that were important to me.

That ‘laptop empire’ notion was bugging me – I knew opportunities for it existed, I just didn’t know where to start…

My ‘wifi life’ began after a bit of research in 2013 lead me to invest in some training in how to start an online business from scratch. I blogged my way through mistakes, frustrations, breakthroughs, overwhelm and challenges on all fronts.

All while surviving predominantly on a diet of Pringles (there wasn’t enough spare time between getting home from work and getting on the laptop each night to cook…) and 4-5hours sleep a night.

But in my first 12months, I replaced 50% of the salary I was making in my day job.

In short – it worked. Hurrah!

I’ve since written a blog post on this in more detail with an earnings report. Read it here.

18months in, I quit my job and partnered with some of the leading mentors in the industry to start helping other people do the same.

*Individual results will vary and cannot be guaranteed – please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of this page. This is not “the small print”. We consider it obvious but we want to work with serious individuals so we point it out in bold, coloured font right here…

So, I was pleased to have proven it’s not all some hyped up, dodgy scheme – plenty of those out there though – please feel free to reach out and run it by me if you’re considering something that sounds similar.

I am now on a MISSION to wake you up to an industry still in its infancy, waiting to be capitalised on by a new generation of entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of having to rely on traditional employment, commuting and struggling to enjoy any kind of quality of life.

I have no doubt that ANYONE with an open mind, a willingness to learn and a ballsy work ethic, can create their own reality – whatever they choose it to be.

Economists predict that 40-50% of currently existing jobs will be eliminated by 2040. Do you have the skills to stay ahead of this wave?

2016 – one year after quitting my job: I spent 5months living in Phuket, Thailand for a change of environment. Not a bad spot for office views!


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