2017 did NOT go quite to plan…

…but it was without doubt my biggest learning curve to date.

If there’s one message that I now share with people as to why they should consider starting an online business, it is this:


Why? Because when the sh*t hit the fan multiple times for my family in 2017, I pretty much closed my laptop, got on a plane back to the UK, did nothing for 6months and that business did the following while I was being where I needed to be…

The above is a snapshot of a talk I gave at one of our live events in Perth (Australia), where I shared my ‘year from hell’ for our Community. I focussed on the topic of authenticity and ‘authentic conversations’ as it’s the thing I believe I have learned most about on this journey since starting my business online in 2014.

“Learning to find my authentic voice in order to succeed online, is also what’s allowed me to see a vast improvement in all other areas of my life. Nothing will test how you feel about the quality of your own life and the relationships you have than death!”

The video below is the full talk (25mins).

When I relocated to the Gold Coast in Australia on 31st January 2017, I had also just had a record month in my business – just over $25k (USD) in income. As such, I had HUGE goals to take things to a whole new level over the next 12months.

I’d also never been more certain of the decision I’d made to relocate – finally I was moving TOWARDS something rather than running away! (Hopefully something the authentic itchy-footed nomads among us may understand…!)

I was freaking PUMPED!


…life decided to hand me a big ‘ole 180-degree flip in the most unexpected but powerful way.

Having almost $80k in essentially passive income over 6months was pretty handy while I dropped everything to hop on a plane to the other side of the world to be with my family for as long as I needed. Twice.

I would encourage you to watch/listen to the full 25minutes of the video above to have full context of what I’m sharing here. It’s really just a simple (not easy!) way to start approaching your life and to avoid the worst kind of regret.

Key take aways:

👉 Have authentic conversations EVERY DAY in EVERY area of your life!

👉 Start building a business online BEFORE you need the freedom it will give you. The sh*t can truly hit the fan when you’re least expecting it.

👉 Leave NOTHING unsaid. With yourself, with anyone. Then death doesn’t really matter 😉

👉 Be ‘Selflessly Selfish’. Create the best version of you first – everyone else in your life will benefit from that.

👉 Share your sh*t 💩 Be brave enough to share your deepest struggles with the people in your life. If you need new people – go find them! You’re NOT alone ❤️

Amy x