You don’t need to look far when reading about millionaires and billionaires who have a ‘rags to riches’ story behind them.

I respect that stuff but am starting to feel increasingly passionate about the number of people in the world who are far too comfortable not to simply make more of their lives!

Why is it that so many of us need a giant life crisis or wake-up call before we start realising that our time here is limited?!

Since I quit my job in 2015, there have been several situations where I was so grateful to have ALREADY gained the freedom and flexibility to deal with. Family members being in hospital and needing extra help being the main one.

Sadly I’m often hearing from people in circumstances that are already pretty desperate.

Starting an online business could absolutely be the thing to change their life at that point but they can’t see it as such because of their emotional state. Or they quit within weeks of getting started – again because their mindset and emotional state are already weakened.

Mastering a success mindset is hard enough… let alone trying to do it on top of major life challenges. So DO NOT WAIT until you have those!

Why I’m so glad I got started in 2013…

I’ve spent the last few months hopping around between time out on my own in Thailand and hanging out with various friends in Australia and Bali.

I’m taking my mum on a Business Class trip to New York when I get back to the UK.

When I spend time at home in London, I’ll often go and work from my parents’ house to look after my elderly grandmother to give my mum a break from it.

All of this stuff was a pipe dream a few of years ago.

I have no intention of being one of these ‘rags to riches’ or sob stories to frame success in this business as some kind of super-human achievement.

Because it’s not. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

I was pretty comfortable when I got started online as a total newbie in 2013. Half decent job/salary, living in my own property, not under too much pressure.

But I hated not having true FREEDOM!

If you’re procrastinating about deciding to start an online business – there is one thing that is perfectly clear to me now…

The ONLY bad time to start is LATER!

Success in anything it not going to be an overnight thing. There’s plenty of learning and grafting involved even when you get some momentum.

But that’s all a hell of a lot easier to handle and persist with from a place of stability and gratitude if you’re currently relatively comfortable!

Are you ready to start playing a MUCH bigger game?!