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The RIGHT Education

As someone who switched courses at University after her first year and completely quit the fine institution that is traditional education after her second, I feel I can voice a somewhat valid opinion on this topic – albeit with a good dose of hindsight!

University for me was simply a matter of course. I always did ok at school, did my homework, got decent grades etc. But, like many teenagers, had no idea what I wanted to do with my life at the grand old age of 19 (I know, SHOCKING).

So I took a ‘gap year’, got a job working as a Press Assistant at a small PR company at home for 9months, travelled to Australia for 2more, then came home and packed up the car and moved half way up the country to Leeds.

Ironically, my work experience during that year was what got me a place at Uni – not my grades. Go figure…Getting-a-Job-discpicture

My first year was spent on a Public Relations degree where all I remember learning was how to use Microsoft Publisher to produce a leaflet for a bakery and how to construct a press release. Note – not how to sell anything, just where each paragraph should go and how long it should be. At the end of that first 12months, we learned that not one single mark from our first year of work would count towards any final grade or qualification. An expensive year I thought.

I had fun and grew in other ways of course, but this post is to discuss education – not my tolerance of hangovers.

By this point I had always had an inkling that I was now motivated by earning money and learning on the job. It was a blessing that I had no desire to be a medical professional or a lawyer and therefore wouldn’t need any formal qualifications – so I should be ok.

HarryRonThankfully, I was. After 6months on a Film & TV Production course, I made a few contacts that lead me to a paid job as a runner on one of the early Harry Potter movies – so long University, Hogwarts was the school for me now.

Had I persisted with my oh so prestigious Film & TV Degree, Hogwarts had a long waiting list of other runners and although I’d now have a few letters after my name, I’d have probably spent the first year after graduating struggling to find any work.

I only give you this background to reiterate the point that choosing the ‘right’ education is so crucial in getting to where you want to be for the next step. We can overwhelm ourselves (like society seems intent on overwhelming our younger generation) if we procrastinate too much over the long, long term.

Focus on the skills you need to acquire NOW, and opportunities will present themselves.

So, if you’re someone wanting to get in to business for yourself and you don’t have that ‘big idea’ (see Part 1!) OR you’re already in business but aware you’re not up to speed on how to grow it effectively – digital skills should absolutely be where you focus your energy now.  Combine that with an understanding of how to sell something via the internet, the world is your oyster.

Too many business owners think throwing together a website and a Facebook page is all they need to do, right? Wrong.

Skipping basic steps before all this comes in to play is going to cost you money in the short and long term. As the digital economy continues to boom, knowing which platforms and products to choose to start fitting all the pieces together is a minefield that puts most people off before they even get started!

You can have the best business in the world, but if noone knows you exist, how are you going to make sales?!

I have yet to see a Marketing or Advertising Degree that teaches core skills of doing business online such as…

  • Building an ‘optimised’ website (it’s actually quite simple with the right tools)
  • Offering a lead magnet
  • Lead generation via all major platforms eg Google, Facebook/social media, article marketing – to name a few
  • Constructing a sales funnel
  • Building a list and a relationship with your audience
  • Sales copy writing for all of the above
  • How to build a high ticket or profit maximising product line

It doesn’t mean you the business owner need to ‘do’ all of this. But getting an overall understanding of the above basics in place is fairly crucial to starting on the right track to an automated and profitable business.

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