Ok, so this expression in my best British-English is perhaps not as easy on the eye (or ear) as the American-English ‘half-assed’, but faking accents is annoying (even in the written form) so I’m sticking to my roots here… hear it in your own head however you please.

Regardless of which side of the ditch you’re on, is this something you’ve ever asked yourself?

Please do. I dare you.

What does half-arsed mean?

I often refer to Urban Dictionary (meaning reluctantly using the American spelling) for some mild entertainment when pondering slang terms but in this instance, I think they are spot on…

half assed definition

How much of your life can you say you are giving your best quality efforts to?

Put more simply – if you were to rate your quality of life as a percentage, what would you give yourself?

It’s time to stop living a half-arsed life.

Plodding along day in, day out saying things like “I’m ok” or “yeah, I’m good”, or my favourite… “can’t complain” – like it’s some kind of bonus that you’re not spending every waking minute whinging about something.

So… Are YOU living a half-arsed life?

Let’s break it down.

Look at your relationships.

See if any in particular spring to mind…

  • Are you making the people in your life happy?
  • Does being around them bring YOU happiness and a sense of joy?
  • Is everyone bringing the best out in each other?

If you scored anything less than let’s say, 90% on the above (nobody’s perfect right?!), it’s half-arsed. Relationships are either worth having or they’re not.

Up your game as a parent, child, husband, wife, any other family member, partner, friend, colleague, teacher, student… A good place to start might be to turn your phone off or put it well out of sight and mind when you’re spending time with any of these people and actually engage with them.

Make them feel like they are the priority for you during the time you’re spending with them.

Maya Angelou quote

Or use said phone in its original form as a device to call more often. Not a text message, not a Facebook message or Snapchat – an actual phone call.

On the flip side – if some relationships aren’t serving you – have the integrity and authenticity to gracefully let them go. No need for any nastiness or aggressive confrontation. Just a gentle fade in to less significance for the time being. They may resurface given time! But (crucially) right now – get yourself out there and find new ones.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you feeling as healthy as you’d like?

Or miserable that you STILL don’t love your body, or that you’re still smoking (‘I tried” blah blah blah…), or that you haven’t used that gym membership for the last 6months… cancel the freaking payment. Or quit going out drinking every weekend. Stop texting or checking Facebook during your work out. Or carry on doing all of it but stop being so miserable and disillusioned about the fact that you’re not getting results.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you happy in your work?

Take a moment to step back and really ask yourself that. Are you working in something you thought you liked about but have lost a sense of connection as to why you do what you do? Talk to your superiors and get some feedback. Re-remind yourself of your talents, value, strengths, weaknesses. Or is it that you’re actually sick of dragging yourself day in, day out to a place you hate, with people you don’t respect and frankly couldn’t care less if you got let go tomorrow?

Either way – COMMIT.

If any of this resonates, PLEASE make a decision right now in at least one of these areas that you’re going to play full out and stop living half-arsed.

Just commit.

The information to address ANY of these issues is at your fingertips. You’re looking at it.

The internet is FULL of ideas, information, education and other perspectives. There is not a single problem you’re going through that someone else hasn’t gone through – at least in part.

And guess what? The people offering to share this in service of helping others (you know, the ones who are silently doing nothing and waiting for someone or something else to fix it), those are the people who are cashing in on this thing called the internet that you’re sat staring at right now.

YOU have a unique perspective, unique talents and life experience that NOONE else on the planet has.

Wake up and realise that learning a few key skills and concepts about how to leverage this digital economy we’re now living in is your opportunity to turn all of this in to money in your bank account. THIS is your time to realise that there IS something better out there and that you’re in a growing minority, willing to open your mind to it.

Let’s face it – the internet has changed everything. If you’re reading this and agreeing or disagreeing with any of it, you already have everything you need. Because it means you have a perspective. Which can be nurtured in to phenomenal leadership with a global audience online.

All of these so called ‘millenials’ you see in coffee shops on their laptops is not some exclusive club – it’s the 21st century. The online space offers an abundant opportunity to start businesses around your ideal lifestyle and/or passions.

wifi life cafe

Businesses that give you the freedom to work anywhere you want, during the hours you choose.

So that you gain the time leverage to be a better partner, parent, friend etc.

So that you don’t miss your kids’ school sports days, or spend so little time at home that all sense of romance has died in your relationship.

So that you can travel more instead of resigning yourself to it being something you can only do in a gap year or when you retire.

All of that is total BS.


  • Stop saying “life got in the way”.
  • Stop with the “one day I will…”.
  • Stop settling.
  • Start playing full out.
  • Jump.
  • Commit.

Just STOP living a half-arsed life.

You don’t have time for that.