So – you want to make more money? AWESOME!

Deciding to set a huge goal in anything is one thing.

That’s the easy part.

Genuinely having a mindset strong enough to keep you on track to achieving it is quite another!

Do you get a little disillusioned (or even jealous) when you see others succeeding and wondering why you’re not making the same progress?

Are you of the belief that it’s wrong that only the top 1-5% of people on the planet hold 80-90% of the wealth?

And that it should all be spread a little more evenly?

If so, it would appear you have fallen in to the ‘scarcity’ mindset trap that stalls far too many of us!

Be it that you’re just getting started in pursuit of your goal, or you’re already up and running and looking to take things to the next level – having a competitive mindset that’s based on scarcity won’t serve you.

I listened to a podcast recently which really helped me start to visualise what true abundance would look and feel like in a metaphorical sense.

It’s really helped me so I hope this explanation is of value to you in setting and feeling your goals…

Click play to watch the video…

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It’s only since I started getting some consistent momentum in my business that I’ve realised just how much mindset really is EVERYTHING in going after your goals!

It’s why we dedicate an entire module in our training with the SFM to designing your ideal life – along with resources and assignments to literally reprogram your mind to start focussing on the necessary steps to help you build it.

Do you have a clear idea of what it would FEEL like to get there?

If not, you may struggle to have the stamina to keep going.

You’re simply not going to operate from a high enough level to take the RIGHT actions to progress towards them each day.

I hope this video gives you some practical and tangible ideas around how to imagine endless abundance and snap out of a scarcity or ‘lack’ mindset which simply will not serve you!

The internet is swimming with an abundance of opportunity.


**The full podcast mentioned is available on the Freedom Fast Lane website here or you can subscribe to it on your Podcast app – it was the episode from 4 April 2016.