Money DOES buy happiness!

Pure joy, love and undeniable happiness! In my opinion anyway…

If you struggle to believe that, let’s just agree that it’s the people in our lives that bring that happiness. Yes?! Good.

What if those people are a little further afield in different countries?

All the technology in the world is no replacement for spending time with those people in the flesh.

It’s not free to travel to see them right? It takes time, it takes money, it takes permission from the boss if you have one.

Without money or the freedom of an online business, this would not have happened a week ago today. A spontaneous trip to Australia with less than 24hours notice was without doubt one of the happiest weeks of my wifi life so far!

Don’t EVER let time or money be a reason not to spend time with the people you love.

Still think money can’t buy happiness?

Good, glad we got that cleared up…! 😉

Where would you hop on a plane to at short notice and who would you surprise?!

Here’s to creating YOUR Wifi Life so you CAN! 🙂

Amy x

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