What’s the BEST thing about affiliate marketing?


Having reflected on the year from hell that was 2017 in my last post, I wanted to dive a little deeper in to what I believe the absolute GIFT that the affiliate marketing business model is.

It’s one thing to share with you the income and results I have had personally (almost $80k in 6months doing very little) but I’m not alone in having experienced this life saving income stream when the unexpected happened and things got tough.

Marie Santos was and still is one of the LEGENDS of our online community! When I first got started, this ‘stay at home’ mum of two, was absolutely smashing this business and had truly mastered the art of connecting with people online – to the tune of a multiple 6figure income. She was also responsible for kicking my a*se in to gear and making the decision to quit my job after I started getting results myself.

When the sh*t hits the fan…


Sound familiar?! Yeah – it’s kind of become a bit of a motivational phrase to coin to myself of late. Mainly out of sheer gratitude for having got involved with this business and having met people like Marie, BEFORE the sh*t started to fly in my own life.

Just as I was getting some momentum, Marie – for want of a better expression – disappeared in to the wilderness due to her own life challenges happening. I reconnected with her when I returned to Australia and realised how much we were both facing the same mindset and confidence challenges around getting ‘back in the game’, so to speak…

I decided to record our conversation about the highs and lows of having an online business but specifically, how grateful we both are that we got started when life was actually pretty good! The income, support and – most importantly – the lessons learned from how it looked after us when we needed it most, have been priceless.

Watch the full recording of our chat below which is too good not to share with you!

(Kind of a must watch for EVERYONE in my book…)

Key points covered in this conversation:


✅ Overcoming fears of not being good enough – irrespective of already having a multiple 6-figure business

✅ Why the affiliate marketing model relieves you of the responsibilities attached to being a standard business owner

✅ Marketing insight genius – whether you have results yet or not

✅ Acknowledging that this product may not be perfect but still 100% a BLESSING to be a part of

✅ Knowing when to admit that maybe you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship…


I bloody love this girl so much – welcome home Marie! ❤️