When I lost my uncle in 2013 and had a wake up call of “holy shit, what the fuck am I actually doing with my life?” moment, I decided to start looking for a means of making an income online to give myself a little more freedom. At that time, my definition of freedom was to do what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted while generating a half-decent income doing so.

What has happened in the past week in UK has had me re-evaluating that definition and feeling incredibly grateful for the freedom I still have – regardless of the outcome of the EU referendum. For others, that definition has just dramatically changed.

While this is not “yet another post about the EU referendum”, it is certainly one of many topics prompted by it. Some of which have me thinking that if more people were to open their minds to the idea of following their own path rather than that which our troubled society tells us to, we would be cultivating far better leadership than I’ve seen on display in the last few days.

I have found myself engaging in threads on social media that I would have previously ignored. But we have a situation on our hands in the UK that we need to be held accountable for – both now and in the future if and when the true ramifications reveal themselves. A lot of the statements that I’ve seen (in favour of both leave and remain) lack – more than anything – sound reasoning and basic research.

I’m relocating to Thailand next month for a while (not because of #Brexit!). I will continue to stay up to date with developments in the UK and do whatever I can to add my voice to the debate wherever I feel it can make a positive difference.

I will do this using the internet. The very thing that enabled me to start and run a business online from scratch just over two years ago. The very thing that has given me more education, more opportunity and more freedom than I have ever had in my 33years on this planet.

There are evidently plenty of examples on both sides of the fence of the referendum debate who now admit they had little knowledge of the facts when it came to why they voted the way they did. One thing I am struggling to tolerate is those saying in the aftermath “we were fed nothing but lies by politicians and the media so how are we to know?”. Shortly followed by, “ah well, we just have to get on with it…”.

Yes we do have to get on with it and we will have to accept whatever the consequences of our collective choices are. But if we end up not so happy about where that takes us… we can never deny that we had plenty of opportunity to educate ourselves before taking calculated action on such an influential decision.

Our country desperately needs a strong leader right now. I cannot think of a better example to quote here than this guy.


We are learning the hard way that a lack of education also has the power to do a lot of damage. Not private school education (before I’m labelled as some kind of ‘remain elitist’, I had a state education and was raised by a very hard working single mother until the age of 11).

I’m referring to self-education.

Politicians bending the truth to win votes and media spinning things to buy attention is simply part of modern society. If you are reading this – you have what is known an internet connection. And that means you have access to information. Information which quite frankly can have more impact over many aspects of your freedom than any government.

We have the power to self-educate at our fingertips 24-7-365… there are no excuses any more.

Want to make more money? Make. Yourself. More. Valuable.

Start learning new skills – that is value. Share your unique perspective on a subject – also value.

Distribute that value to as many people as you are able to.

Guess what? There’s more people on the whole flippin’ internet than in the UK or the rest of Europe so this has no bearing on your ability to turn self-education in to opportunity RIGHT NOW. Again, no excuses!

As a starting point, get on YouTube and watching inspiring, motivational videos if you need to gain a new perspective. Watch a TED talk from time to time.

Google business ideas you can start from home.

Best bit about all this?  Self-education costs us NOTHING.

“To earn more, you must learn more…” ~Brian Tracy

The education and mentorship I have absorbed as much as I have been able to, ever since I decided to set off on this path has made me realise that what I really want – what I think EVERYONE really wants on some level. To work towards finding something that can give us a level of fulfilment by making a positive difference in other people’s lives. To create some kind of legacy.

I think I’m getting there. I hope in some way this post has made a difference – however small – for anyone reading it.

For now, the business model I have is a vehicle for earning an income while I continue to work on myself in the hope that one day, I can contribute on a much larger scale to a far less divided community and society.

But that whole process began by asking some questions on a little website called Google.com. I just wanted to figure something out. I’ve been doing the same ever since.

I emplore you to please consider doing the same if you value your freedom.

Especially before you vote for something.