We Don’t Call Ourselves the ‘Six Figure’ Mentors For Nothing…

So I just realised I have reached a bit of a milestone in my business. I am officially well over half-way to having generated 6-figures online!

I logged in to my system this morning to discover that my earnings (purely from my SFM business) are now sitting at a total of $55,942.06.

Whilst it may not be an earth-shattering amount of money that I’m about to retire on, it does represent approximately 200% return on investment in the 2years I have been up and running. This all being done on a very much part-time basis – initially around my job, and only a few hours a week since I walked away from the 9-5.

I bought investment property almost 6years ago that STILL haven’t made this kind of return. The power and scope of the opportunity that exists online continues to blow my mind.

*Clawbacks amount represents refunds - just so you know that if you request one, you'll absolutely get it!

*Clawbacks amount in red represents refunds – just so you know that if you request one, you’ll absolutely get it! This is not for everyone and we understand that – no questions asked.

If I am completely honest, had I been much more disciplined and consistent when I first started, it should really be much more by now and I’m certainly on a mission to do much better going forward.

Some of our top students are generating this MONTHLY! I tell you no lies…

Sharing the love!

Without wanting to sound anything other than happy to have realised this, I figure it’s worthy of at least some degree of celebration!

And nothing would give me more pleasure than to do so by sharing with you – as a very small token of my appreciation of you taking the time to read this – an opportunity to join me on what I can only describe as the most exciting roller coaster ride I have ever been on 🙂


wifi only

**Special Offer for Wifi Lifers…!**

Between NOW and midnight on Tuesday 31st May 2016, I will personally refund the cost of your $29.95 application, whether you decide to continue with our training or not.

And if you do decide to continue, I’ll even send you an Amazon or Audible gift voucher so you can purchase yourself a new and hopefully inspiring read – because it was books that changed my pathway in to learning about entrepreneurship (Rich Dad, Poor Dad to be precise).

In other words – you have absolutely nothing to lose by spending some time checking out our education programs and business system.

By submitting your application you will get over 6 hours of training with Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek – Co-founders of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy – worth literally thousands of dollars.

The videos will explain fully what this opportunity is all about and how it can help you to fully set up your business to start generating income streams online.


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  • Fill in the questionnaire after purchasing your application.
  • Watch and complete the first training module provided.
  • Book and complete your consultation call with one of our business coaches – the lovely Ashley or Daniel.
  • Your funds will be refunded via PayPal after 30 days (to ensure noone abuses our 30 day refund policy – sadly some people think this is ok!).
  • You need to email us after the 30days to claim your refund, we won’t chase you (set a reminder from 1st February to follow up with us for your refund regardless, just to be sure).

30days guarantee