Earlier this month I joined Steve Herbert and Dan Holloway on their show aptly titled ‘The Steve and Dan Show’!

They’re both members of the online community I’m also a part of. Dan came out of software sales in the UK and now spends most of his time travelling around the world enjoying his six figure income.

The Steve and Dan Show with Amy Taylor

We covered quite a lot in our chat – here are just some of the points we covered:

  • How I got started with the SFM
  • The differences between real estate and the business model I now use
  • Where there’s so much space for everyone in this industry
  • How you only ever need to be just one step ahead of the next person
  • What it was like transitioning from a competitive corporate job to a non-competitive community
  • How my future looks now compared to how it did in 2014
  • My advice to anyone starting this journey now
  • The unimaginable power of authenticity

A pretty awesome community to be a part of, right?