Why Do We LOVE Bitmoji?

Well ummm… because it’s AWESOME. Fact.

So many Bitmojis, so little time… there really IS a Bitmoji for everything right?

Being a little obsessed with authentic conversations and the impact of modern technology on our ability to create them – I personally believe this app claimed the accolade of Most Downloaded App of 2017* for one reason…

The creators of Bitmoji know A LOT about us silly humans.

They have nailed illustrating the everyday, first-world wins, pains and problems us silly humans are facing.

Global demand for their app has reassured us that we are not alone.

One of my most frequently used Bitmojis is a case in point… I have a burning desire to asterisk and correct EVERY SINGLE TYPO I make when sending messages. Sometimes I resist, sometimes I asterisk every single typo I make.

Problem is now solved – I send the following which is far more efficient and means I appear slightly less psychotically obsessed.

(Fellow members of the Spelling & Grammar Police, please back me up – there is nothing more shameful for us than being a stand for this in the world and making typos in messages, right?)

How I feel when someone corrects their own typos before I need to:

Sending the above is far less likely to offend my friends (who know I can’t help myself but correct their typos too, but they love me regardless… I think) than a written text or comment.

On a more serious note, I genuinely believe Bitmoji have 100% capitalised on the very clear need for a creative solution to the right royal clusterfuck (technical term) that we seem to frequently make of our ability to communicate with one another – particularly in the written form.

For anyone unaware of what the hell Bitmoji is (first of all – SHAME ON YOU! Kidding. Kind of…)

Bitmoji is an app by a developer called Bitstrips that enables us silly, silly humans to create personalised cartoon avatars of ourselves. This in turn gives us access to a library full of custom caricatures that can be used to efficiently express emotions via the various messaging apps we all have at our disposal – in a light hearted and fun way.

I bloody love everything about Bitmoji but mostly that last bit.

Light hearted and FUN. No room for ridiculous misinterpretation that in turn can so easily negatively impact connection. Especially with the people we love most.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, we have more opportunity to communicate authentically than ever before. The frustrating dichotomy of this is that we also have more opportunity to essentially wuss out of doing so. We often choose to take the ‘easy’ option, send written words and in turn, can be so easily misunderstood.

The glorious clusterfuck of the written word…

Allow me to share a couple of personal examples where failure to use this GENIUS tool and reverting to the old school (text form messages) is just a ridiculous and unnecessary move if you value connection.


A fellow Bitmoji fan (oh, the irony) and I had decided recently to keep each other accountable on some new goals and life focus – getting to bed earlier being one. I quickly checked in via text message (IDIOT) knowing it had been a busy day and reminded my friend “not to be up too late faffing about until 2am” (we are both guilty of being night owls and ‘faffers’ – aimlessly wasting unnecessary time on unimportant tasks).

With zero idea what was going on for friend at that moment in time or how that may be received at the other end (as it turned out, not too well), the conversation via text soon went a little downhill and somewhat defensive on both our parts.

GAH! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Had I used this Bitmoji, there would likely have been a light-hearted chuckle at both ends of the conversation, a gentle but effective reminder to get an earlier night and a win all round… rather than possibly landing as nagging or criticising.

NOTE TO PARENTS OF TEENAGERS: get on Bitmoji – they also offer ‘You Stop That’, ‘Eat Your Greens’ and ‘What Are You Going To Do With Your Life Today?’. Great options for salvaging what love is left when a little nagging is actually required.


How often have you found yourself guilty of being either party in the following scenario due to the advancements in tech?

Sender sends a message.

Recipient reads message and one of these (or other) scenarios unfolds:

  • replies immediately
  • gets distracted (y’know, like by their actual real life happening)
  • gets distracted BUT ALSO leaves Messenger open saying they’re ‘Active Now’ (the WORST – thanks Facebook 🙈)

Smartarse bloody Messenger/Instagram/Whatsapp (delete as appropriate) tells sender that the recipient has read Sender’s message.

Sender now:

  • expects a response
  • starts checking their phone every 11.7seconds for a reply
  • possibly rocking like a crazy person
  • gets majorly pissed that recipient isn’t dropping everything in their life at that moment to reply
  • possibly starts having feelings of resentment towards recipient
  • Sender may well have a legit reason for wanting/needing a speedy response but if that’s the case, Sender maybe should have called instead #justsayin

PLEASE NOTE: leaving your ‘Read Receipts’ on if using a Smart Phone is a rookie error here and an unnecessary hurdle if your preferred method is text message – please turn them OFF immediately.

Now, we all have different expectations of what is an acceptable response time. We also have little way of knowing what may be going on for the Recipient in the moment they receive a message. They may just be dead. Morbid but possible.

So, instead of the messy potential sequence of events listed above threatening Sender’s connection with Recipient (whoever they may be), and sending ANOTHER message in text form – which will likely be a version of “Have I done something to upset you?” or “Did you get my message?” (CLEARLY – messenger told you so didn’t it?!)… try this…


My personal favourites if finding myself as the Sender in this instance are as follows:


GENIUS RIGHT?! Original Recipient is hopefully now less offended/defensive than if presumptuous and clusterfucky words had been sent in text form questioning why a reply hadn’t yet been received.

And let’s face it – it doesn’t take many words at all for it to go south pretty fast depending on the potentially unknown intention, mood or environment the Sender or Recipient is in, in that very moment.

In short, Bitmoji do an EPIC job at celebrating our daily wins with us in language that is ‘trending’ – meaning language we silly humans are collectively creating and understand on a humorous and light hearted level.

Why we all need to embrace Bitmoji…

Communication in text form is rarely a good choice when handling potentially sensitive, challenging or opinionated communication (most communication carries a degree of opinion if we’re honest and that in itself carries risk!)

Once again, technology is providing a solution that takes a LOT of the heavy lifting out of the equation for us in many instances!

We should be welcoming that with open arms. ESPECIALLY if it means maintaining and – better still – building and strengthening the connections in our lives.

Silly humans. Always overcomplicating shit 🙄

(By the way, that eye-rolling thing I just ended with is an ’emoji’… not a Bitmoji – how annoying is it for the Bitmoji loyalists among us when people get the two confused?!)


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*according to Apple. Source: Business Insider