Following a move to Australia in January, I found myself – just 11 days later – booking a flight back home to the UK when my step-father passed away unexpectedly.

I didn’t jump on the first flight home, for a number of reasons which weren’t clear until now.

While sitting at the departure gate at Brisbane Airport, I wanted to share some of the thoughts I’d had while reflecting on how freaking grateful I am to have the freedom I do right now.


What Would True FREEDOM Mean For You?


These last couple of weeks have had me reflecting on what it’s meant for me…

Freedom that’s enabled me to relocate to a different country with less than a couple of months notice.

Freedom that’s enabled me to build a 6figure business from my laptop while travelling the world in less than 3years.

Freedom that’s enabled me to tick off some huge items on my Bucket List at the age of just 34.

But MOST importantly, in light of this most recent life event, the freedom to pack a bag, book a flight and get home to London with no real plan as to when I’ll be back.

With no need to ask permission from an employer.

With no restriction on a pathetic allowance of ‘bereavement leave’ given by most standard employee contracts – in the UK I believe it’s a whopping 3days.

After that, you’re on your own. Deal with it and get back to work. Nice…


In short – this business has given me FREEDOM to deal with DEATH. My way!


Pretty powerful.

I wanted to share some thoughts that occurred to me around this as I was waiting for my flight.

Ironically, it was a family bereavement that gave me the reality check to invest in myself and start this business 3years ago.

3years later, my circumstances could not be more different and I am so grateful that I did…



Ultimately, following your dreams – whatever they may be – is going to require personal growth.

You have no idea how much that growth is going to serve you and many others at times like this.

So, PLEASE… start listening to those voices in your head – however small – if they are telling you to pursue a new path.


The Path To True Freedom…


For me, that path started with simply wanting time and financial freedom.

The education and community I found within the SFM by starting on that path has given me ALL of that and SO MUCH MORE!

To your success, freedom and – most importantly – YOUR HAPPINESS,

Amy x