If you’ve already watched our free video series and still don’t quite understand what this is all about – here is the first of a 3-part blog post to try and elaborate and little more clearly on the simply MASSIVE opportunity that is staring you in the face from the very interweb you are looking at right now 😉

If you’ve got as far as reading this, I imagine it’s likely you’re someone who falls in to one of two categories.

EITHER… you already run your own business but it’s not giving you the freedom or flexibility you would like. As much as you may love what you’re doing, you’re feeling like your business owns you rather than you owning it. Sound about right?!

OR… you’ve always liked the idea of having your own thing but never known exactly what doing. Always telling yourself you need the next ‘big idea’. Well, you really don’t (if you have one, great – you still need to learn how to market it!)

Ok, so imagine this…affiliate marketing opps

AirBnB was YOUR idea.

Uber was YOUR idea.

Expedia, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat… the list goes on. Every social media platform out there.

And whilst we’re here, the single girl in me has to tip my hat to Tinder (and various other dating apps/websites). Ok, moving on.

IMAGINE if any one of those had been YOUR idea…

How would your life look right now if you were running any of these organisations?

If you can’t picture it, I encourage you to look up each of the founders on YouTube (there’s another one that’s doing ok) and learn a little about them.

You can safely bet on a few things you will discover about them…

  • They are passionate.
  • They love what they do.
  • Their idea is solving a problem in a growing market – and we love them for it!
  • They are not the technical expert – they simply have a vision.
  • They have gone through huge self-discovery on their path to success and often post hugely inspiring things on their personal social media profiles (in some cases they will have written a book or two).
  • They are pretty financially secure (least of importance to them, but interesting to us!).
  • Many of them are now involved in philanthropic projects and giving back.

blog pics 2The point is, these are just the big names. The ‘celebrity’ brands of the internet revolution.

But there are THOUSANDS of other, very successful, profitable businesses out there of all shapes and sizes that have been born entirely because of the world wide web and digital technology that is evolving at a mind-blowing rate.


None of these ideas would exist without the internet. Their founders (if they were born!) were all doing something else before the internet came along.

Why are we discussing this?

Because the next Uber, the next AirBnB could easily be YOU if you learn a few basic skills and concepts.

Stay with me… I’m getting to the point!

Some of these celebrity brands even give you the chance to make a bit of cash from them by recommending them to your friends. Do you think you can manage that?!

Great! Because this is affiliate marketing in its purest form. You may even have already done it.

But the opportunities to monetise the internet in this way are literally EVERYWHERE!

I’ve shot a quick video at the bottom of this post to show how some of the most current and well known brands online offer the chance to make money with them.


Benefits to business owners…

It’s also a smart move to learn about this stuff if you’re a business owner and planning on spending money on marketing your product or service.

What if you could cut that cost from your budget and simply pay a third party a small commission on selling the product for you?

In other words, no more negative return on investment (ROI). Because THEY – not you – pay for the marketing that brings you the customers who actually buy. No more of those tyre kickers you’re sick of dealing with!

All you are responsible for is continuing to deliver your product or service knowing that the basic web technology you have in place, pays your affiliate marketer on autopilot as soon as any transactions take place.

Check out the video below to see a bit more about just how much of this stuff is all over the internet right now.

With the right training in how to leverage this, it really is a stupidly simple opportunity to work a LOT smarter, not harder.

Not to mention the freedom of working the hours you choose, from any location in the world, with a business that runs for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

Look out for Part #2 – ‘Getting the RIGHT Education’ where we look at the endless benefits to your future lifestyle (and income) of an investment in a digital vs a traditional education (which I didn’t personally enjoy and it never made me any money!). Stuart will also explain the tools and training we offer at the Six Figure Mentors to set you up with everything you need to leverage the affiliate marketing business model.

If you’d like to access your introductory training modules and learn how how we take students from beginner to self-sufficient entrepreneur using a ‘high ticket’ sales focus with this exact business model, submit your application and get started HERE.