is a great little web based design tool that I’m always using and shouting about!

I am regularly on there to create blog post images, custom thumbnails for YouTube videos, graphics for social media profiles (eg Facebook cover photos etc) – Canva is, quite simply, AWESOME.

Branding Your Business – A Simple Guide From

They recently put together a great resource for anyone wanting to brand (or re-brand) a business (or in my case, website/blog) with a few basics to keep in mind without having to consult with or hire an expensive expert.

Especially if you’re just looking to ‘get the job done’ in the early stages of your business or for the sake of generating some extra sales while you find your momentum in other areas.


To give you an idea, it covers (in easy to digest sections – always nice for those of us with short attention spans!):

  • A breakdown of design secrets big brands use to stand out and become unique in their industries
  • A how-to guide to creating your own style guide by picking colours, fonts and images that reflect your brand identity.
  • Tips on choosing typefaces, colour combinations and how to apply photo filters in your marketing materials.
  • Advice on how to create a style guide in Canva (which is incredibly easy to produce using their super friendly web based software) to apply across all areas of your business collateral – both online and offline.

I saved the guide for future reference and you can download it below.



PS Did I mention how much I LOVE CANVA?! Yeah, I really do.

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