For some reason, over the years, society has come up with a load of rules that make no sense whatsoever.

Not to mention ‘rules’ that have stopped a lot of people from ever doing what they actually want to do with their lives!

We have decided to rename them BRULES! Bullsh*t rules.

Stuff like…

“Money doesn’t make you happy…”

“You should get yourself a decent education – go to college/university…”

“Success is HARD work…”


What utter rubbish we have been fed by society over the years.

**(video rant below… you have been warned…!)**

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This was a strong topic of discussion¬†in one of Stuart’s presentations at our recent SFM Momentum Day – I wasn’t the only one getting passionate and ranty!

Stu is now back in Miami after some well deserved time out and is running a brand new series of webinars.

He will be explaining exactly what your focus areas need to be if you’re considering getting started with your own online business.

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