RETURNING FROM THE WILDERNESS! Authentic Convo with Marie Santos

RETURNING FROM THE WILDERNESS! Authentic Convo with Marie Santos

What’s the BEST thing about affiliate marketing?


Having reflected on the year from hell that was 2017 in my last post, I wanted to dive a little deeper in to what I believe the absolute GIFT that the affiliate marketing business model is.

It’s one thing to share with you the income and results I have had personally (almost $80k in 6months doing very little) but I’m not alone in having experienced this life saving income stream when the unexpected happened and things got tough.

Marie Santos was and still is one of the LEGENDS of our online community! When I first got started, this ‘stay at home’ mum of two, was absolutely smashing this business and had truly mastered the art of connecting with people online – to the tune of a multiple 6figure income. She was also responsible for kicking my a*se in to gear and making the decision to quit my job after I started getting results myself.

When the sh*t hits the fan…


Sound familiar?! Yeah – it’s kind of become a bit of a motivational phrase to coin to myself of late. Mainly out of sheer gratitude for having got involved with this business and having met people like Marie, BEFORE the sh*t started to fly in my own life.

Just as I was getting some momentum, Marie – for want of a better expression – disappeared in to the wilderness due to her own life challenges happening. I reconnected with her when I returned to Australia and realised how much we were both facing the same mindset and confidence challenges around getting ‘back in the game’, so to speak…

I decided to record our conversation about the highs and lows of having an online business but specifically, how grateful we both are that we got started when life was actually pretty good! The income, support and – most importantly – the lessons learned from how it looked after us when we needed it most, have been priceless.

Watch the full recording of our chat below which is too good not to share with you!

(Kind of a must watch for EVERYONE in my book…)

Key points covered in this conversation:


✅ Overcoming fears of not being good enough – irrespective of already having a multiple 6-figure business

✅ Why the affiliate marketing model relieves you of the responsibilities attached to being a standard business owner

✅ Marketing insight genius – whether you have results yet or not

✅ Acknowledging that this product may not be perfect but still 100% a BLESSING to be a part of

✅ Knowing when to admit that maybe you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship…


I bloody love this girl so much – welcome home Marie! ❤️


Sharing the Journey So Far

Sharing the Journey So Far

Earlier this month I joined Steve Herbert and Dan Holloway on their show aptly titled ‘The Steve and Dan Show’!

They’re both members of the online community I’m also a part of. Dan came out of software sales in the UK and now spends most of his time travelling around the world enjoying his six figure income.

The Steve and Dan Show with Amy Taylor

We covered quite a lot in our chat – here are just some of the points we covered:

  • How I got started with the SFM
  • The differences between real estate and the business model I now use
  • Where there’s so much space for everyone in this industry
  • How you only ever need to be just one step ahead of the next person
  • What it was like transitioning from a competitive corporate job to a non-competitive community
  • How my future looks now compared to how it did in 2014
  • My advice to anyone starting this journey now
  • The unimaginable power of authenticity

A pretty awesome community to be a part of, right?

Stop Using Your Holidays For ‘Life Admin’

Stop Using Your Holidays For ‘Life Admin’


That’s all the paid leave you get here in the UK to take time out from the standard 9 to 5 grind.

Is that really enough to take a holiday, recharge AND get all your other ‘life admin’ attended to?

After spending the last couple of weeks packing to relocate, it struck me how grateful I am for unlimited time freedom to get the more mundane tasks done.

Should you really have to use your precious paid leave to take care of standard life admin?

I don’t think so…



How different would your life look if you didn’t have to worry about having enough paid leave to get this stuff done?!

Your holiday time is your holiday time. PERIOD! 

The days of having to settle for that are over if you choose to learn and leverage the digital economy.

Your life. Your terms! 😉

Education, Leadership & Contribution – Green School, Bali

Education, Leadership & Contribution – Green School, Bali

My feelings on ‘traditional’ education have changed dramatically since discovering a new one for myself.

A ‘digital education‘ has been entirely responsible for the lifestyle I’m now incredibly grateful to be living.

I feel fortunate to have discovered this in my thirties when so many people are forced by circumstance to make big changes later in life or perhaps under an enormous amount of pressure with a lot more responsibility than I ever had.

My new education has enabled me to earn more money, spend more time with the people in my life I care about and the time and freedom to explore, expand my network, gain mentorship and learn so many other things about myself.

Ultimately, I’m happier than I have ever been. 

I now often find myself questioning the validity of some of the mainstream curriculums being taught to children when they are at school.

An education in working towards HAPPINESS, COMMUNITY and CONTRIBUTION?

How much of what we learn in school focuses on our future happiness or ability to enter adulthood with life skills that can serve us and the society we become part of?!

While I was in Bali recently, I visited a school I had heard about through a friend (one of many who I initially connected with via our online community) and felt extremely compelled to visit!

Here’s a quick summary of the tour:

How much of what you learned at school is directly serving you in your levels of happiness and ability to live a life of meaning?

What would you do with a new education? A new lifestyle?

Although my original goal with starting an online business was the freedom to travel more, it’s experiences like visiting Green School that are starting to open my eyes to the HUGE opportunity we all have to make an impact in the world.

I would never have heard about it nor had the opportunity to discover this were it not for transforming my own lifestyle first and making some of the connections that have come with that.

If you’re a believer in the saying “we cannot begin to help others until we help ourselves”… 


Decide to make the changes in your life that will you the time and freedom to be, do and have more of what’s important to you.

Only then will you realise just how much you can do this for others and make your own unique impact.

** You can read more about Green School on their website here or follow them on Facebook.

Money Making Skills That Pay The Bills

Money Making Skills That Pay The Bills

our imgThere is nothing I love more than getting emails from people who are so fired up to take massive action to change their lives.

BUT… let’s have a quick reality check…

As an online entrepreneur, you will need to be prepared to master some stuff that may not fire you up as much as the goal itself, in order to reach the goal!

I remember being up at 3am (on a ‘school night’ in 2014) slumped over a very small laptop (couldn’t afford to upgrade it), neck ache, itchy-scratchy eyeballs, Pringles and dip for dinner again before getting up at 7am for work…

I know I’m not alone in having been in the above scenario!

I think was figuring out how to put a Facebook conversion tracking pixel on my first ever (rather shit looking) website for the first time.

I keep hearing/seeing people online who clearly fancy themselves as the next Oprah or Tony Robbins or Ellen. Which is great. The world needs more of all of those.

But let’s back it up a sec…

Have you found anyone willing to pay attention to YOU over all of the noise of the online world?

Are you strategically learning any skillsets to incentivise anyone to listen to and like you, let alone give your their money?!

Not yet? Ok, cool.

So, let’s amongst it and get some skills to pay the bills!

Understand that your money producing activities may well NOT be the ‘fun or fulfilment producing’ activities.

It’s great that you have this burning desire to write a book, be creative, work for a higher purpose, live your passion and change the world – never lose that.

Especially if you have total clarity on what that looks like for YOU.


How much easier do you think all of that will be to achieve if you’ve got a stable and healthy income behind you?

Please, understand you will need to grind your way through a learning curve first to earn the privilege of doing more of what you love.

Understand that making cold, hard cash may take longer than you think and parts of it may not be your idea of fun at all!

I discuss this more in this video… [click to play]

our img

Your #1 Money Producing Activity: BUILDING AN AUDIENCE

Without first having some kind of following – meaning people who may one day indeed be loyal, PAYING customers – you’re a bit like those guys who stand in the street endlessly preaching random bible passages with people throwing their pitiful pocket change in to a bucket out of sympathy to get them to shut up.

Is that what you want?! Nope, me neither.

THIS is why it’s so important to understand what skills you need to focus your attention on learning in order to have the biggest financial impact on a business in the online world.

Let’s face it – it’s a LOT easier to build a business and your vision with your bills and expenses taken care of, right?!

There is no better place to start and grow a business RIGHT NOW than the internet!


Get started today and take a test drive of our training and system – click the image below…