Comfort vs Happiness

Comfort vs Happiness

Are You Choosing Comfort Over Happiness?

If you’re REALLY honest – are you?!

I know I still do this a little too often – in ALL areas of life…!

This is by FAR one of the biggest conversations I have with anyone asking what it will require to get started with an online business. It’s the purest form of fear holding people back from reaching their full potential, in my opinion.

It’s actually what I believe is the thing that stops most people ever getting started on ANY of their life goals – even though they say they’re wanting ‘something better’ than the life they’re already living.

As part of my private group coaching access (available to Essential Members of the SFM), I hold fortnightly Q&A style webinars.

This particular topic resulted in some great conversation and ‘lightbulb moments’ so I thought I’d share it with you here.

Chuck it on and have a listen while you’re multitasking if needs be – you don’t need to watch, just LISTEN UP! 😉

**Skip the first 2minutes as I was fighting tech hurdles – standard!

We’ve heard all the clichés:

  • that “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone”
  • how ‘getting comfortable getting UNcomfortable’ is the path to growth
  • that “comfort is the enemy of progress…”

Whether we want to admit it or not, clichés are born in truth, right?!

Ready to take that first step outside of your comfort zone?

The step that may actually change your life FOREVER?!

RETURNING FROM THE WILDERNESS! Authentic Convo with Marie Santos

RETURNING FROM THE WILDERNESS! Authentic Convo with Marie Santos

What’s the BEST thing about affiliate marketing?


Having reflected on the year from hell that was 2017 in my last post, I wanted to dive a little deeper in to what I believe the absolute GIFT that the affiliate marketing business model is.

It’s one thing to share with you the income and results I have had personally (almost $80k in 6months doing very little) but I’m not alone in having experienced this life saving income stream when the unexpected happened and things got tough.

Marie Santos was and still is one of the LEGENDS of our online community! When I first got started, this ‘stay at home’ mum of two, was absolutely smashing this business and had truly mastered the art of connecting with people online – to the tune of a multiple 6figure income. She was also responsible for kicking my a*se in to gear and making the decision to quit my job after I started getting results myself.

When the sh*t hits the fan…


Sound familiar?! Yeah – it’s kind of become a bit of a motivational phrase to coin to myself of late. Mainly out of sheer gratitude for having got involved with this business and having met people like Marie, BEFORE the sh*t started to fly in my own life.

Just as I was getting some momentum, Marie – for want of a better expression – disappeared in to the wilderness due to her own life challenges happening. I reconnected with her when I returned to Australia and realised how much we were both facing the same mindset and confidence challenges around getting ‘back in the game’, so to speak…

I decided to record our conversation about the highs and lows of having an online business but specifically, how grateful we both are that we got started when life was actually pretty good! The income, support and – most importantly – the lessons learned from how it looked after us when we needed it most, have been priceless.

Watch the full recording of our chat below which is too good not to share with you!

(Kind of a must watch for EVERYONE in my book…)

Key points covered in this conversation:


✅ Overcoming fears of not being good enough – irrespective of already having a multiple 6-figure business

✅ Why the affiliate marketing model relieves you of the responsibilities attached to being a standard business owner

✅ Marketing insight genius – whether you have results yet or not

✅ Acknowledging that this product may not be perfect but still 100% a BLESSING to be a part of

✅ Knowing when to admit that maybe you’re not cut out for entrepreneurship…


I bloody love this girl so much – welcome home Marie! ❤️


Authentic Conversations: The Secret To Success In EVERYTHING (including death!)

Authentic Conversations: The Secret To Success In EVERYTHING (including death!)

2017 did NOT go quite to plan…

…but it was without doubt my biggest learning curve to date.

If there’s one message that I now share with people as to why they should consider starting an online business, it is this:


Why? Because when the sh*t hit the fan multiple times for my family in 2017, I pretty much closed my laptop, got on a plane back to the UK, did nothing for 6months and that business did the following while I was being where I needed to be…

The above is a snapshot of a talk I gave at one of our live events in Perth (Australia), where I shared my ‘year from hell’ for our Community. I focussed on the topic of authenticity and ‘authentic conversations’ as it’s the thing I believe I have learned most about on this journey since starting my business online in 2014.

“Learning to find my authentic voice in order to succeed online, is also what’s allowed me to see a vast improvement in all other areas of my life. Nothing will test how you feel about the quality of your own life and the relationships you have than death!”

The video below is the full talk (25mins).

When I relocated to the Gold Coast in Australia on 31st January 2017, I had also just had a record month in my business – just over $25k (USD) in income. As such, I had HUGE goals to take things to a whole new level over the next 12months.

I’d also never been more certain of the decision I’d made to relocate – finally I was moving TOWARDS something rather than running away! (Hopefully something the authentic itchy-footed nomads among us may understand…!)

I was freaking PUMPED!


…life decided to hand me a big ‘ole 180-degree flip in the most unexpected but powerful way.

Having almost $80k in essentially passive income over 6months was pretty handy while I dropped everything to hop on a plane to the other side of the world to be with my family for as long as I needed. Twice.

I would encourage you to watch/listen to the full 25minutes of the video above to have full context of what I’m sharing here. It’s really just a simple (not easy!) way to start approaching your life and to avoid the worst kind of regret.

Key take aways:

👉 Have authentic conversations EVERY DAY in EVERY area of your life!

👉 Start building a business online BEFORE you need the freedom it will give you. The sh*t can truly hit the fan when you’re least expecting it.

👉 Leave NOTHING unsaid. With yourself, with anyone. Then death doesn’t really matter 😉

👉 Be ‘Selflessly Selfish’. Create the best version of you first – everyone else in your life will benefit from that.

👉 Share your sh*t 💩 Be brave enough to share your deepest struggles with the people in your life. If you need new people – go find them! You’re NOT alone ❤️

Amy x

Sharing the Journey So Far

Sharing the Journey So Far

Earlier this month I joined Steve Herbert and Dan Holloway on their show aptly titled ‘The Steve and Dan Show’!

They’re both members of the online community I’m also a part of. Dan came out of software sales in the UK and now spends most of his time travelling around the world enjoying his six figure income.

The Steve and Dan Show with Amy Taylor

We covered quite a lot in our chat – here are just some of the points we covered:

  • How I got started with the SFM
  • The differences between real estate and the business model I now use
  • Where there’s so much space for everyone in this industry
  • How you only ever need to be just one step ahead of the next person
  • What it was like transitioning from a competitive corporate job to a non-competitive community
  • How my future looks now compared to how it did in 2014
  • My advice to anyone starting this journey now
  • The unimaginable power of authenticity

A pretty awesome community to be a part of, right?

Why You MUST Follow Your Dreams (emotional post!)

Why You MUST Follow Your Dreams (emotional post!)

Following a move to Australia in January, I found myself – just 11 days later – booking a flight back home to the UK when my step-father passed away unexpectedly.

I didn’t jump on the first flight home, for a number of reasons which weren’t clear until now.

While sitting at the departure gate at Brisbane Airport, I wanted to share some of the thoughts I’d had while reflecting on how freaking grateful I am to have the freedom I do right now.


What Would True FREEDOM Mean For You?


These last couple of weeks have had me reflecting on what it’s meant for me…

Freedom that’s enabled me to relocate to a different country with less than a couple of months notice.

Freedom that’s enabled me to build a 6figure business from my laptop while travelling the world in less than 3years.

Freedom that’s enabled me to tick off some huge items on my Bucket List at the age of just 34.

But MOST importantly, in light of this most recent life event, the freedom to pack a bag, book a flight and get home to London with no real plan as to when I’ll be back.

With no need to ask permission from an employer.

With no restriction on a pathetic allowance of ‘bereavement leave’ given by most standard employee contracts – in the UK I believe it’s a whopping 3days.

After that, you’re on your own. Deal with it and get back to work. Nice…


In short – this business has given me FREEDOM to deal with DEATH. My way!


Pretty powerful.

I wanted to share some thoughts that occurred to me around this as I was waiting for my flight.

Ironically, it was a family bereavement that gave me the reality check to invest in myself and start this business 3years ago.

3years later, my circumstances could not be more different and I am so grateful that I did…



Ultimately, following your dreams – whatever they may be – is going to require personal growth.

You have no idea how much that growth is going to serve you and many others at times like this.

So, PLEASE… start listening to those voices in your head – however small – if they are telling you to pursue a new path.


The Path To True Freedom…


For me, that path started with simply wanting time and financial freedom.

The education and community I found within the SFM by starting on that path has given me ALL of that and SO MUCH MORE!

To your success, freedom and – most importantly – YOUR HAPPINESS,

Amy x