Comfort vs Happiness

Comfort vs Happiness

Are You Choosing Comfort Over Happiness?

If you’re REALLY honest – are you?!

I know I still do this a little too often – in ALL areas of life…!

This is by FAR one of the biggest conversations I have with anyone asking what it will require to get started with an online business. It’s the purest form of fear holding people back from reaching their full potential, in my opinion.

It’s actually what I believe is the thing that stops most people ever getting started on ANY of their life goals – even though they say they’re wanting ‘something better’ than the life they’re already living.

As part of my private group coaching access (available to Essential Members of the SFM), I hold fortnightly Q&A style webinars.

This particular topic resulted in some great conversation and ‘lightbulb moments’ so I thought I’d share it with you here.

Chuck it on and have a listen while you’re multitasking if needs be – you don’t need to watch, just LISTEN UP! ūüėČ

**Skip the first 2minutes as I was fighting tech hurdles – standard!

We’ve heard all the clich√©s:

  • that “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone”
  • how ‘getting comfortable getting UNcomfortable’ is the path to growth
  • that “comfort is the enemy of progress…”

Whether we want to admit it or not, clichés are born in truth, right?!

Ready to take that first step outside of your comfort zone?

The step that may actually change your life FOREVER?!

TOO COMFORTABLE?! Why You Should Start Your Online Business NOW

TOO COMFORTABLE?! Why You Should Start Your Online Business NOW

You don’t need to look far when reading about millionaires and billionaires who have a ‘rags to riches’ story behind them.

I respect that stuff but am starting to feel increasingly passionate about the number of people in the world who are far too comfortable not to simply make more of their lives!

Why is it that so many of us need a giant life crisis or wake-up call before we start realising that our time here is limited?!

Since I quit my job in 2015, there have been several situations where I was so grateful to have ALREADY gained the freedom and flexibility to deal with. Family members being in hospital and needing extra help being the main one.

Sadly I’m often hearing from people in circumstances that are already pretty desperate.

Starting an online¬†business could absolutely be the thing to change their life at that point but they can’t see it as such because of their emotional state. Or they¬†quit within weeks of getting started – again because their mindset and emotional state are already weakened.

Mastering a success¬†mindset is hard enough… let alone trying to do it on top of major life challenges. So DO NOT WAIT until you have those!

Why I’m so glad I got started in 2013…

I’ve spent the last few months¬†hopping around between time out on my own in Thailand and hanging out with various friends in Australia and Bali.

I’m taking my mum on a Business Class trip to New York¬†when I get back to the UK.

When I spend time at home in London, I’ll often go and work from my parents’ house to look after my elderly grandmother to give my mum a break from it.

All of this stuff was a pipe dream a few of years ago.

I have no intention of being one of these ‘rags to riches’ or sob stories to frame¬†success in this business as some kind of super-human achievement.

Because it’s not. ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

I was pretty comfortable when I got started online as a total newbie in 2013. Half decent job/salary, living in my own property, not under too much pressure.

But I hated not having true FREEDOM!

If¬†you’re procrastinating about deciding to start an online business – there is one thing that is perfectly clear to me now…

The ONLY bad time to start is LATER!

Success in anything it not going to be an overnight thing. There’s plenty of learning and grafting involved even when you get some momentum.

But that’s all a hell of a lot easier to handle and persist with from a place of stability and gratitude if you’re currently relatively comfortable!

Are you ready to start playing a MUCH bigger game?!

What’s On Your Bucket List? Make It Happen!

What’s On Your Bucket List? Make It Happen!

Ever since I can remember, my Mum has had the dream of taking me to New York.

As a child raised on musical theatre and addicted to endless replaying of videos (remember, VHS tapes?!) of the likes of A Chorus Line¬†(my favourite) and anything by Rodgers & Hammerstein, I always remember mum saying “one day, we’re going to see that together on Broadway”.¬†

For various reasons, she was never in a position to take us.

Being Londoners, we’ve been lucky enough seen many a great show together and it’s always a special experience.

But top of my list when I started my¬†business back in 2014, was to make sure we went on an ‘all-out’ trip to New York together at some point.

Ideally at Christmas time so we could indulge in seeing the Rockettes at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show.

We’ve both been, just not together. And certainly not flying Business Class!

With a ‘special’ birthday coming up in February 2017, I decided back in August that it had to happen this Christmas.

I just¬†booked our flights to surprise her and this is how it went…

[*WARNING* frustrating parental technology challenges and many tears]

our img

If you’re still here and weren’t put off by my mother’s endless technology challenges (sorry ’bout that)…


If money and holiday¬†restraints from work were NOT an object…

If you truly had the time and financial FREEDOM to do anything…

  • What would you do?
  • Where would you go?
  • Who would you take?
  • How would all of that make you feel?

Ready to start journey towards your time and financial freedom?

Get educated and start building YOUR Wifi Life – start today.

MAKE IT HAPPEN! It feels amazing.

Amy x

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The Opposite of Fear? Lessons From An 8Year Old

The Opposite of Fear? Lessons From An 8Year Old

Fear is a much discussed and debated topic in the entrepreneurial space.

Rightly so too.

It’s absolutely what separates those who succeed from those who do not.

Even moreso,¬†a lack of fear – or having the ability to push past it – is¬†the sole reason some are able to choose the entrepreneurial path and some¬†are not¬†(which is also a great thing from a self-awareness perspective, it’s not for everyone).

On a recent impromptu trip to the Gold Coast to visit some friends, I had the pleasure of meeting a rather special young lady Рher name is Grace Gibson.

It came as no surprise to me that she was not only gorgeous, charming, bundles of fun and multi-talented given the gene pool that created her. But one thing I was NOT expecting from this 8year old was a level of wisdom which quite frankly blew my mind.

I’d heard on the parental grapevine that Grace had recently delivered a somewhat powerful speech as part of a school homework assignment. I’d also heard that she was saving for a new toy.

So, employing some gentle coercion (aka bribery), I asked her if she would be willing to share said speech with me in exchange for a ‘gold coin’ donation.

This quote was the opening line…


I reiterate – Grace is 8years old… yes, EIGHT! Instagram @yourwifilife

Once I had picked my jaw up off of the floor, I listened – gripped – to the rest. I won’t share the whole thing here but it prompted me to explore the topic more fully via a quick video.


Suffice to say if children ruled the world, we’d all be better off.

When do we learn this fear rubbish?

And when do we learn all the other crap that we CHOOSE to so drastically over complicate our lives with?!

So… THANK YOU Grace Gibson.

I am VERY excited to see how your wisdom impacts the world over the next 100years or so! ‚̧ԳŹ


Be more in love with the vision of your goal than fearful of what it will take to get there… Instagram @yourwifilife

How To Value Your TIME

How To Value Your TIME

Do you know what you’re worth?

Start getting rid of ANYTHING in your life that costs less to pay for than what you value your own time at.

It’s not costing you money – it’s costing you the OPPORTUNITY to do more valuable and fulfilling activities.

If you don’t know what your time is worth, you had better get deciding on that first… ūüôā


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