How To Get Off Of “Sh*t Island”…

How To Get Off Of “Sh*t Island”…

Today I wanted to give you a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ look at one of the live webinars held for our community recently.

People often want to know why we don’t provide our training for free.

Put simply, with the standard of what we offer within our training and membership, it’s not feasible to do so.

For anyone considering taking the leap in to the ‘shark infested waters’ of online business, here’s a few thoughts from Stuart that you need to be OK with if you’re interested in undertaking any of our mentorship and training.

It’s serious stuff!

In this video, we cover (among other things):

  • How a company that costs us $250k/month to run offers you access the tools and training to run your own business for only $97/month
  • That we would LOVE to offer training from the likes of Richard Branson for that price…
  • Why it’s a no-brainer to invest in your future success than risk swimming with the sharks trying to do it alone
  • Why we won’t tolerate any entitlement in our community
  • How you can be resourceful as an entrepreneur even without a lot of money

As always, a short but sharp shot in the arm of truth from Stu.

I don’t know about you but that’s why I love working with these guys.

No hype, no BS, just a genuine desire to want to help others achieve their own success and star living life on their own terms.

So… if you cannot handle some straight talk, I suggest you do NOT hit play on the below 🙂


[It’s FREE! For now…]

A Year Ago… I Quit My Job.

A Year Ago… I Quit My Job.

A year ago today, I walked away from a full time job with a pretty great company and seriously fun colleagues to focus fully on thisbaz ames bar little internet thing I’d started ‘on the side’ back in 2014. It was sparked by feeling pretty average in the aftermath of losing one of my favourite people. In a little over a month, Uncle Baz went from relatively healthy and the happiest we’d seen him in years to… well, gone.

A few months ago, I went through a ‘why discovery’ process with one of many incredible mentors I’ve had the fortune of finding over the last 2years. It resulted in a life-mission-type statement that reads:

“To honestly and loyally give strength to others, so that they passionately realise their fullest life”.

If that sounds too deep, I get it! But I recommend reading a book by Simon Sinek called Start With Why. That statement is also what compels me on this particular day to share this – as it’s certainly not intended as any kind of gloating or bragging.

It’s 100% not about the money. If you find that part a little vulgar, fine. I would guess that means you’re happy that life is exactly where you want it to be on that front. Great – the world needs more like you! Or… possibly, you need to change your feelings and conversation around money. This is also in no way a suggestion or sales pitch that everyone should do what I do. There’s an abundance of opportunity out there to execute on what I’m discussing here.

Disclaimers done… so, to elaborate on the above.

Do you currently rate every area of your life as 10 out of 10? Or at least close?

I don’t mean justifying a 10 when put on the spot because you think you should be grateful that you have what you do, by saying “it could be worse”. Of course it could. Sure, when I started waking up every day applying gratitude for what I did have, everything else absolutely started to change. Or at least my feelings did. But far too many people settle at that point, justifying a frankly ‘average’ existence because it’s somehow wrong to want more.

No, no, no, nooooo! WTF is the point of average?! Yawn…

Do. Not. Settle. PLEASE!

One of my favourite authors recently shared a succinct but brilliant quote… “if you’re not dead yet, you’re not done yet”. So, if you’re honest, are there ANY little voices (even tiny, whispery ones) in your head or gut telling you something that you’re not listening to? Voices questioning anything, like…

How do you earn your living? Does it bring you any degree of fulfilment? Does it pay you enough to do EVERYTHING you want to do with your life? More importantly – does it allow you the time to do that? Or are you going to be retiring at 60 (or later) to do it?

For me at this point in time… it’s being able to pay for additional home care for my grandmother – in the interests of quality of life for both her and my parents. Sending them on holiday when they need it. Simultaneously living my best life as a single 30-something, experiencing as much of the world as possible. I want to continue to do this with my children – which won’t be cheap or possible with 4weeks holiday!

I don’t want to have to ask the other half for an allowance to buy stuff for myself or the kids. I want a nanny to look after them now and again so we have time to ourselves. I want to relocate at the drop of a hat if circumstances dictate we should or could. To spend regular time with people in all corners of the globe who mean the world to me. I’m not missing weddings and big events of close friends and family just because they’re in another country! It’s a blessing and a curse when you like to travel or have done previously! I’d also like to contribute a lot more to charity – which is, funnily enough, MUCH easier with money…

Cake, eat it? HELL YES. Why not?

Are the people and relationships in your life serving you to be the best possible version of yourself? If they are, tell them – often – how much they mean to you. If not, please, gracefully let them go. This sadly has to include family. You can’t control what you’re born in to but you get to make the choices from that point on. If your circle of influence or any role in what society deems ‘conventional’ does not work for you, get out there and find new people to fill those roles. Believe me – they are out there and you’ll find them, I promise.

Are you as healthy as you’d like to be? Confident enough in your own skin to take on your best life? Chain smoker, overweight and heavy drinker but HAPPY? Amazing! I am kind of jealous in a weird way! There’s no judgement here. But if you’re any of the above and don’t like it – for crying out loud, quit that shit and do some bloody exercise!

Stop living like you have all the time in the world to put this stuff straight. You don’t.

I don’t care how old you are (I regularly have these conversations with the 80+year olds in my family!), continually aim high in EVERY area of your life. You alone are responsible for the way it looks now and in the future. You alone are responsible for your legacy. Call it cheesy, call it cliche – I really don’t give a sh*t! If you know me, you’ll know that of anything stated here – at least that last bit is true! 😉

There is NOTHING you’re going through that can’t be changed or your perspective improved with a little self-awareness and education. So, find the education and information. Find people who have been there and done it who can help you. There’ll undoubtedly be some tough and ugly stuff along the way. But the simple fact is, there’s a proven process and steps to follow for any of this.

A year ago today, I took another step feeling unsure how the next would pan out.

Today I am typing this poolside in Thailand, having travelled extensively since last year. I’ve worked an average of 4hours a day for the past 6months and smashed my comfort zone again last weekend by speaking in front of over 100 people taking a similar path. I have earned (this month) what equates to roughly 6x what I did in my last job. I have never been more happy and at peace than with where my life is right now. Refer to disclaimer at the start of this post if at this point you feel that’s some kind of cringeworthy gloating. Or jog on. Whatever works for you.

12months since quitting job (4grid)

Send me your excuses and call me out on mine (always!). But please, PLEASE… if you have any of those little visions or hear those voices hinting that there’s more out there for you, LISTEN dammit! Stay curious and be brave enough to pick a path that will allow you to explore it further and do whatever you have to do to make it a reality.

Back yourself.

Because you CAN have it all.

And you absolutely deserve it.

Now, if someone could please morph Hugh Jackman with Bradley Cooper and send the result to Phuket for beta testing, that would be great. One of those roles I mentioned is currently available…

Mucho love to you all!

Ames xx

SELF EDUCATION: No Excuses In 2016 (Lessons from #Brexit)

SELF EDUCATION: No Excuses In 2016 (Lessons from #Brexit)

When I lost my uncle in 2013 and had a wake up call of “holy shit, what the fuck am I actually doing with my life?” moment, I decided to start looking for a means of making an income online to give myself a little more freedom. At that time, my definition of freedom was to do what I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted while generating a half-decent income doing so.

What has happened in the past week in UK has had me re-evaluating that definition and feeling incredibly grateful for the freedom I still have – regardless of the outcome of the EU referendum. For others, that definition has just dramatically changed.

While this is not “yet another post about the EU referendum”, it is certainly one of many topics prompted by it. Some of which have me thinking that if more people were to open their minds to the idea of following their own path rather than that which our troubled society tells us to, we would be cultivating far better leadership than I’ve seen on display in the last few days.

I have found myself engaging in threads on social media that I would have previously ignored. But we have a situation on our hands in the UK that we need to be held accountable for – both now and in the future if and when the true ramifications reveal themselves. A lot of the statements that I’ve seen (in favour of both leave and remain) lack – more than anything – sound reasoning and basic research.

I’m relocating to Thailand next month for a while (not because of #Brexit!). I will continue to stay up to date with developments in the UK and do whatever I can to add my voice to the debate wherever I feel it can make a positive difference.

I will do this using the internet. The very thing that enabled me to start and run a business online from scratch just over two years ago. The very thing that has given me more education, more opportunity and more freedom than I have ever had in my 33years on this planet.

There are evidently plenty of examples on both sides of the fence of the referendum debate who now admit they had little knowledge of the facts when it came to why they voted the way they did. One thing I am struggling to tolerate is those saying in the aftermath “we were fed nothing but lies by politicians and the media so how are we to know?”. Shortly followed by, “ah well, we just have to get on with it…”.

Yes we do have to get on with it and we will have to accept whatever the consequences of our collective choices are. But if we end up not so happy about where that takes us… we can never deny that we had plenty of opportunity to educate ourselves before taking calculated action on such an influential decision.

Our country desperately needs a strong leader right now. I cannot think of a better example to quote here than this guy.


We are learning the hard way that a lack of education also has the power to do a lot of damage. Not private school education (before I’m labelled as some kind of ‘remain elitist’, I had a state education and was raised by a very hard working single mother until the age of 11).

I’m referring to self-education.

Politicians bending the truth to win votes and media spinning things to buy attention is simply part of modern society. If you are reading this – you have what is known an internet connection. And that means you have access to information. Information which quite frankly can have more impact over many aspects of your freedom than any government.

We have the power to self-educate at our fingertips 24-7-365… there are no excuses any more.

Want to make more money? Make. Yourself. More. Valuable.

Start learning new skills – that is value. Share your unique perspective on a subject – also value.

Distribute that value to as many people as you are able to.

Guess what? There’s more people on the whole flippin’ internet than in the UK or the rest of Europe so this has no bearing on your ability to turn self-education in to opportunity RIGHT NOW. Again, no excuses!

As a starting point, get on YouTube and watching inspiring, motivational videos if you need to gain a new perspective. Watch a TED talk from time to time.

Google business ideas you can start from home.

Best bit about all this?  Self-education costs us NOTHING.

“To earn more, you must learn more…” ~Brian Tracy

The education and mentorship I have absorbed as much as I have been able to, ever since I decided to set off on this path has made me realise that what I really want – what I think EVERYONE really wants on some level. To work towards finding something that can give us a level of fulfilment by making a positive difference in other people’s lives. To create some kind of legacy.

I think I’m getting there. I hope in some way this post has made a difference – however small – for anyone reading it.

For now, the business model I have is a vehicle for earning an income while I continue to work on myself in the hope that one day, I can contribute on a much larger scale to a far less divided community and society.

But that whole process began by asking some questions on a little website called I just wanted to figure something out. I’ve been doing the same ever since.

I emplore you to please consider doing the same if you value your freedom.

Especially before you vote for something.

My Morning Must Do’s – 7 Tips For Waking Yourself Up

My Morning Must Do’s – 7 Tips For Waking Yourself Up

Those 6am Duracell gym bunnies and people who talk about getting up and meditating before the sun comes up really got on my tits.

So, about a year ago (when I was still in full time employment) I decided to secretly put these idiots’ theories to the test. Mainly so I could do my usual “yeah, well I’m different and it will never work for me” routine, and continue with my bullshit method of ‘hustling’ late at night because you have to be totally exhausted to earn your success, right?! In our community, we refer to this a ‘brule’ by the way – defined further in this post.

Fast forward a year – I now choose to get up early using an alarm clock – even though I now have the luxury of not having to. I’m a total convert to rising early for my productivity to be at its best. Even with the same number of hours sleep, my energy is nowhere near as good if the majority of those hours after midnight. I have ‘split-tested’ this in true marketing style…

In this post, I thought I’d share what’s worked for me in vastly improving my relationship with a.m hours – even before I was able to fire my alarm clock – as a boiled down version of the things I’ve learned from various books, mentors and tips I’ve picked up along the way.

If you’re currently trying to build a venture of your own around a job with the idea of getting out of it and going full time, you NEED to get your head around mastering the morning. I’ve reluctantly learned that it really does set the tone for each and every 24hours of your life – including the quality of your sleep!

If you disagree, think of a day you’ve ever genuinely overslept (your phone didn’t charge, alarm didn’t work – v annoying) and as a result, you missed something important for work or were inexcusably late. Whether you made up an elaborate lie or were totally honest about it, did that anxiety stay with you all day?! Or when you stub your toe as you get out of bed… Did you then drop your toast butter side down, miss your train or get stuck in traffic, and generally have a crap day where it felt like the entire universe was conspiring against you? Yep, been there.

I had always been much more of a ‘night owl’ for creative juices flowing – matchsticks eyesworking best under pressure. Always finished my school homework assignments at 3am the morning it was due to be handed in. In my early working life, I’d always stay late at work because I got ‘on a roll’ at 4pm.

Even up until I left my last job, I’d go to bed quite late, set an alarm for an hour before I needed to get up, hit snooze a couple of times and leave myself 10minutes to get ready – usually leaving the house with wet hair and half a face of make up which I’d try finish in the loo at some point once I got to the office. Hardly relaxing.

The idea of getting up even earlier to find the time to commit to some extra tasks in my business made me twitch.

But I started to realise that burning the midnight oil really wasn’t sustainable and one night, I hit the wall at 9pm in front of my laptop. My eyes felt like someone had been rubbing them with sandpaper (I had also been crying in impatient desperation that something on my website just wasn’t ‘doing’ what I wanted it to) and I wasn’t getting anywhere trying to draft a blog. I figured it made sense to go to bed and get up early – and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy!

That’s when I started swotting up on morning rituals and routines and decided to give them a whirl. I haven’t looked back! Apart from when dealing with the occasional hangover perhaps…

Here’s what I’ve boiled it down to as a bare minimum to set up my wake-up routine – even on a busy day or when I need to be somewhere fairly early. ANYONE can do these – even if it’s a condensed 20minute version when you’re pushed for time.

1) Put your alarm clock physically out of reach AND…

and set it as loud as possible! Obvious.

2) Choose a effective ring tone that either…

  • a) repulses you so much you will have to get out of bed FAST!
  • b) motivates you – mine is currently Empire State of Mind by Alicia Keys because taking my mum to New York this December is top of my bucket list!

3) Wake up your BRAIN!

It controls the rest of your body so the sooner you get this guy going, the less likely you are to unconsciously crawl back under the duvet. Try the Math Alarm app – you need to do some sums before you’re able to unlock your phone and turn it off!

These screenshots probably make me look crap at maths… I’m not – I chose ‘insane’ for a reason…!










An alternative to the above that I recently discovered is a brain training app called Lumosity. It won’t stop you unlocking your phone though so maybe get used to that first!

4) Wake up your FACE (and mouth!) 

Go straight to the bathroom, splash cold water on your face and clean your teeth. If you’ve never Googled the amount of bacteria in your mouth that builds up when you sleep, do it now and you’ll soon want to make it a habit that this is one of the first things you do!

By now, you should be at least 50% conscious. You can also have a pee if you need it – I won’t suggest you hold that in.

5) Drink a large glass of water.

Hydrating your body as soon as you get up has so many benefits – plenty of other articles will tell you why but suffice to say detoxing, kickstarting your metabolism and mental alertness are 3 of the top reasons that should concern you here.


Ok, so the Duracell gym bunnies may have been on to something here. But we’re not training for a marathon, we’re just waking up as effectively as possible. 30seconds of running with your knees up high or some jumping jacks will be more than enough to get you to realise you are now fully awake – you may even have a smile on your face once those endorphins get moving!

7) Brain dump.

No devices here (and as an aside – don’t be checking ANYTHING on any device until you complete these 7 steps), grab a pen and paper. But this is the one that has definitely had the biggest impact on my daily mindset and ability to control it.

If you’re a coffee fan, grab one to enjoy while you’re doing this bit – it’s a very civilised experience. Give yourself between 10 and 20minutes for this – the gentle pressure of a time limit means you can’t make excuses later on that you no longer have time for this and it should become habitual fairly easily.

The first thing I suggest you do is write yourself 3 headings:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Wins / Challenges
  3. Learned

Then quickly fill in 3bullet points under each of the above headings for your previous 24hours. You may have already learned, won or been challenged by something new each morning by the time you’ve completed steps 1-6! This is also a great exercise to do before you go to bed each night – especially if you’ve had a tough day as it forces you to focus on more of the good stuff that you may easily be neglecting to acknowledge yourself for.

Beyond these 7 things, meditation, visualisation of your goals, a proper work out, motivational listening (podcasts are great – multi-task and listen to them while you exercise) and some relevant reading are all amazing additions to any morning routine. But I found it can easily mean an extra hour or more to fit all of this in properly. Which could be tough if you’re still in a full time job.

[divider style=”10″]

There are tons of books and methods for mastering your morning routine – my #1 recommendation being The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod – you can get 2 free chapters HERE. If you’re not a big reader, at the very least get the audio version on Audible or similar.

I just wanted to share a basic process for simply getting as far as waking up and not feeling terrible that you now have to get to work! If you can fit any of these in as a progressive addition to your routine, do so – you’ll feel great.

I really do believe anyone can change their habits and come around to this because it’s scientifically proven that it’s healthier for us to do so. Hopefully, this checklist can help you take some baby steps to making these changes! One step at a time – aim for progress, not perfection.

Oh and here’s an idea for your wake up ring tone – god bless Olivia Newton-John and 80s fitness fashion…

Over and out 🙂

our img

Are you living a half-arsed life?

Are you living a half-arsed life?

Ok, so this expression in my best British-English is perhaps not as easy on the eye (or ear) as the American-English ‘half-assed’, but faking accents is annoying (even in the written form) so I’m sticking to my roots here… hear it in your own head however you please.

Regardless of which side of the ditch you’re on, is this something you’ve ever asked yourself?

Please do. I dare you.

What does half-arsed mean?

I often refer to Urban Dictionary (meaning reluctantly using the American spelling) for some mild entertainment when pondering slang terms but in this instance, I think they are spot on…

half assed definition

How much of your life can you say you are giving your best quality efforts to?

Put more simply – if you were to rate your quality of life as a percentage, what would you give yourself?

It’s time to stop living a half-arsed life.

Plodding along day in, day out saying things like “I’m ok” or “yeah, I’m good”, or my favourite… “can’t complain” – like it’s some kind of bonus that you’re not spending every waking minute whinging about something.

So… Are YOU living a half-arsed life?

Let’s break it down.

Look at your relationships.

See if any in particular spring to mind…

  • Are you making the people in your life happy?
  • Does being around them bring YOU happiness and a sense of joy?
  • Is everyone bringing the best out in each other?

If you scored anything less than let’s say, 90% on the above (nobody’s perfect right?!), it’s half-arsed. Relationships are either worth having or they’re not.

Up your game as a parent, child, husband, wife, any other family member, partner, friend, colleague, teacher, student… A good place to start might be to turn your phone off or put it well out of sight and mind when you’re spending time with any of these people and actually engage with them.

Make them feel like they are the priority for you during the time you’re spending with them.

Maya Angelou quote

Or use said phone in its original form as a device to call more often. Not a text message, not a Facebook message or Snapchat – an actual phone call.

On the flip side – if some relationships aren’t serving you – have the integrity and authenticity to gracefully let them go. No need for any nastiness or aggressive confrontation. Just a gentle fade in to less significance for the time being. They may resurface given time! But (crucially) right now – get yourself out there and find new ones.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you feeling as healthy as you’d like?

Or miserable that you STILL don’t love your body, or that you’re still smoking (‘I tried” blah blah blah…), or that you haven’t used that gym membership for the last 6months… cancel the freaking payment. Or quit going out drinking every weekend. Stop texting or checking Facebook during your work out. Or carry on doing all of it but stop being so miserable and disillusioned about the fact that you’re not getting results.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you happy in your work?

Take a moment to step back and really ask yourself that. Are you working in something you thought you liked about but have lost a sense of connection as to why you do what you do? Talk to your superiors and get some feedback. Re-remind yourself of your talents, value, strengths, weaknesses. Or is it that you’re actually sick of dragging yourself day in, day out to a place you hate, with people you don’t respect and frankly couldn’t care less if you got let go tomorrow?

Either way – COMMIT.

If any of this resonates, PLEASE make a decision right now in at least one of these areas that you’re going to play full out and stop living half-arsed.

Just commit.

The information to address ANY of these issues is at your fingertips. You’re looking at it.

The internet is FULL of ideas, information, education and other perspectives. There is not a single problem you’re going through that someone else hasn’t gone through – at least in part.

And guess what? The people offering to share this in service of helping others (you know, the ones who are silently doing nothing and waiting for someone or something else to fix it), those are the people who are cashing in on this thing called the internet that you’re sat staring at right now.

YOU have a unique perspective, unique talents and life experience that NOONE else on the planet has.

Wake up and realise that learning a few key skills and concepts about how to leverage this digital economy we’re now living in is your opportunity to turn all of this in to money in your bank account. THIS is your time to realise that there IS something better out there and that you’re in a growing minority, willing to open your mind to it.

Let’s face it – the internet has changed everything. If you’re reading this and agreeing or disagreeing with any of it, you already have everything you need. Because it means you have a perspective. Which can be nurtured in to phenomenal leadership with a global audience online.

All of these so called ‘millenials’ you see in coffee shops on their laptops is not some exclusive club – it’s the 21st century. The online space offers an abundant opportunity to start businesses around your ideal lifestyle and/or passions.

wifi life cafe

Businesses that give you the freedom to work anywhere you want, during the hours you choose.

So that you gain the time leverage to be a better partner, parent, friend etc.

So that you don’t miss your kids’ school sports days, or spend so little time at home that all sense of romance has died in your relationship.

So that you can travel more instead of resigning yourself to it being something you can only do in a gap year or when you retire.

All of that is total BS.


  • Stop saying “life got in the way”.
  • Stop with the “one day I will…”.
  • Stop settling.
  • Start playing full out.
  • Jump.
  • Commit.

Just STOP living a half-arsed life.

You don’t have time for that.