How To Get Off Of “Sh*t Island”…

How To Get Off Of “Sh*t Island”…

Today I wanted to give you a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ look at one of the live webinars held for our community recently.

People often want to know why we don’t provide our training for free.

Put simply, with the standard of what we offer within our training and membership, it’s not feasible to do so.

For anyone considering taking the leap in to the ‘shark infested waters’ of online business, here’s a few thoughts from Stuart that you need to be OK with if you’re interested in undertaking any of our mentorship and training.

It’s serious stuff!

In this video, we cover (among other things):

  • How a company that costs us $250k/month to run offers you access the tools and training to run your own business for only $97/month
  • That we would LOVE to offer training from the likes of Richard Branson for that price…
  • Why it’s a no-brainer to invest in your future success than risk swimming with the sharks trying to do it alone
  • Why we won’t tolerate any entitlement in our community
  • How you can be resourceful as an entrepreneur even without a lot of money

As always, a short but sharp shot in the arm of truth from Stu.

I don’t know about you but that’s why I love working with these guys.

No hype, no BS, just a genuine desire to want to help others achieve their own success and star living life on their own terms.

So… if you cannot handle some straight talk, I suggest you do NOT hit play on the below 🙂


[It’s FREE! For now…]

Touchdown In Thailand! (FB Live 27 July)

Touchdown In Thailand! (FB Live 27 July)

Facebook Live – 27th July

(click here to like our page for updates, see these live and ask questions)…

  • Preparing to leave – so much life admin!
  • Why do we prepare more for escaping life instead of setting it up in a way we don’t need to escape it?!
  • Awesome events with SFM before leaving – get your FREE TRIAL here
  • First impressions of Thai culture
  • Record earnings month: the sheer power of this business once core skills systems are in place
our img
our img

Here’s to creating YOUR ‘Wifi Life’!



*SPECIAL OFFER!* Celebrating Over $50k In Sales!

*SPECIAL OFFER!* Celebrating Over $50k In Sales!

We Don’t Call Ourselves the ‘Six Figure’ Mentors For Nothing…

So I just realised I have reached a bit of a milestone in my business. I am officially well over half-way to having generated 6-figures online!

I logged in to my system this morning to discover that my earnings (purely from my SFM business) are now sitting at a total of $55,942.06.

Whilst it may not be an earth-shattering amount of money that I’m about to retire on, it does represent approximately 200% return on investment in the 2years I have been up and running. This all being done on a very much part-time basis – initially around my job, and only a few hours a week since I walked away from the 9-5.

I bought investment property almost 6years ago that STILL haven’t made this kind of return. The power and scope of the opportunity that exists online continues to blow my mind.

*Clawbacks amount represents refunds - just so you know that if you request one, you'll absolutely get it!

*Clawbacks amount in red represents refunds – just so you know that if you request one, you’ll absolutely get it! This is not for everyone and we understand that – no questions asked.

If I am completely honest, had I been much more disciplined and consistent when I first started, it should really be much more by now and I’m certainly on a mission to do much better going forward.

Some of our top students are generating this MONTHLY! I tell you no lies…

Sharing the love!

Without wanting to sound anything other than happy to have realised this, I figure it’s worthy of at least some degree of celebration!

And nothing would give me more pleasure than to do so by sharing with you – as a very small token of my appreciation of you taking the time to read this – an opportunity to join me on what I can only describe as the most exciting roller coaster ride I have ever been on 🙂


wifi only

**Special Offer for Wifi Lifers…!**

Between NOW and midnight on Tuesday 31st May 2016, I will personally refund the cost of your $29.95 application, whether you decide to continue with our training or not.

And if you do decide to continue, I’ll even send you an Amazon or Audible gift voucher so you can purchase yourself a new and hopefully inspiring read – because it was books that changed my pathway in to learning about entrepreneurship (Rich Dad, Poor Dad to be precise).

In other words – you have absolutely nothing to lose by spending some time checking out our education programs and business system.

By submitting your application you will get over 6 hours of training with Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek – Co-founders of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy – worth literally thousands of dollars.

The videos will explain fully what this opportunity is all about and how it can help you to fully set up your business to start generating income streams online.


get access now


  • Fill in the questionnaire after purchasing your application.
  • Watch and complete the first training module provided.
  • Book and complete your consultation call with one of our business coaches – the lovely Ashley or Daniel.
  • Your funds will be refunded via PayPal after 30 days (to ensure noone abuses our 30 day refund policy – sadly some people think this is ok!).
  • You need to email us after the 30days to claim your refund, we won’t chase you (set a reminder from 1st February to follow up with us for your refund regardless, just to be sure).

30days guarantee

Are you living a half-arsed life?

Are you living a half-arsed life?

Ok, so this expression in my best British-English is perhaps not as easy on the eye (or ear) as the American-English ‘half-assed’, but faking accents is annoying (even in the written form) so I’m sticking to my roots here… hear it in your own head however you please.

Regardless of which side of the ditch you’re on, is this something you’ve ever asked yourself?

Please do. I dare you.

What does half-arsed mean?

I often refer to Urban Dictionary (meaning reluctantly using the American spelling) for some mild entertainment when pondering slang terms but in this instance, I think they are spot on…

half assed definition

How much of your life can you say you are giving your best quality efforts to?

Put more simply – if you were to rate your quality of life as a percentage, what would you give yourself?

It’s time to stop living a half-arsed life.

Plodding along day in, day out saying things like “I’m ok” or “yeah, I’m good”, or my favourite… “can’t complain” – like it’s some kind of bonus that you’re not spending every waking minute whinging about something.

So… Are YOU living a half-arsed life?

Let’s break it down.

Look at your relationships.

See if any in particular spring to mind…

  • Are you making the people in your life happy?
  • Does being around them bring YOU happiness and a sense of joy?
  • Is everyone bringing the best out in each other?

If you scored anything less than let’s say, 90% on the above (nobody’s perfect right?!), it’s half-arsed. Relationships are either worth having or they’re not.

Up your game as a parent, child, husband, wife, any other family member, partner, friend, colleague, teacher, student… A good place to start might be to turn your phone off or put it well out of sight and mind when you’re spending time with any of these people and actually engage with them.

Make them feel like they are the priority for you during the time you’re spending with them.

Maya Angelou quote

Or use said phone in its original form as a device to call more often. Not a text message, not a Facebook message or Snapchat – an actual phone call.

On the flip side – if some relationships aren’t serving you – have the integrity and authenticity to gracefully let them go. No need for any nastiness or aggressive confrontation. Just a gentle fade in to less significance for the time being. They may resurface given time! But (crucially) right now – get yourself out there and find new ones.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you feeling as healthy as you’d like?

Or miserable that you STILL don’t love your body, or that you’re still smoking (‘I tried” blah blah blah…), or that you haven’t used that gym membership for the last 6months… cancel the freaking payment. Or quit going out drinking every weekend. Stop texting or checking Facebook during your work out. Or carry on doing all of it but stop being so miserable and disillusioned about the fact that you’re not getting results.

Either way – COMMIT.

Are you happy in your work?

Take a moment to step back and really ask yourself that. Are you working in something you thought you liked about but have lost a sense of connection as to why you do what you do? Talk to your superiors and get some feedback. Re-remind yourself of your talents, value, strengths, weaknesses. Or is it that you’re actually sick of dragging yourself day in, day out to a place you hate, with people you don’t respect and frankly couldn’t care less if you got let go tomorrow?

Either way – COMMIT.

If any of this resonates, PLEASE make a decision right now in at least one of these areas that you’re going to play full out and stop living half-arsed.

Just commit.

The information to address ANY of these issues is at your fingertips. You’re looking at it.

The internet is FULL of ideas, information, education and other perspectives. There is not a single problem you’re going through that someone else hasn’t gone through – at least in part.

And guess what? The people offering to share this in service of helping others (you know, the ones who are silently doing nothing and waiting for someone or something else to fix it), those are the people who are cashing in on this thing called the internet that you’re sat staring at right now.

YOU have a unique perspective, unique talents and life experience that NOONE else on the planet has.

Wake up and realise that learning a few key skills and concepts about how to leverage this digital economy we’re now living in is your opportunity to turn all of this in to money in your bank account. THIS is your time to realise that there IS something better out there and that you’re in a growing minority, willing to open your mind to it.

Let’s face it – the internet has changed everything. If you’re reading this and agreeing or disagreeing with any of it, you already have everything you need. Because it means you have a perspective. Which can be nurtured in to phenomenal leadership with a global audience online.

All of these so called ‘millenials’ you see in coffee shops on their laptops is not some exclusive club – it’s the 21st century. The online space offers an abundant opportunity to start businesses around your ideal lifestyle and/or passions.

wifi life cafe

Businesses that give you the freedom to work anywhere you want, during the hours you choose.

So that you gain the time leverage to be a better partner, parent, friend etc.

So that you don’t miss your kids’ school sports days, or spend so little time at home that all sense of romance has died in your relationship.

So that you can travel more instead of resigning yourself to it being something you can only do in a gap year or when you retire.

All of that is total BS.


  • Stop saying “life got in the way”.
  • Stop with the “one day I will…”.
  • Stop settling.
  • Start playing full out.
  • Jump.
  • Commit.

Just STOP living a half-arsed life.

You don’t have time for that.


Digital Opportunity Explained: Part #3 – Earn While You Learn

Digital Opportunity Explained: Part #3 – Earn While You Learn

Hopefully by now parts 1 & 2 of this mini-series of blog posts has helped break this all down for you in layman’s terms. Trust me – I needed a LOT more explanation when I first read about affiliate marketing so if you’re keeping up so far, you’re doing extremely well!

If you missed them, it might be worth a quick read of those before you continue with this one:

Part #1 – You DON’T Need A Big Idea

Part #2 – Getting the RIGHT Education

We’ve established that there is without doubt a growing need for digital skillsets in almost every industry and market in existence today. The specific skills in question will obviously vary – which we are addressing in a massive way with our longer term vision with Digital Experts Academy in 2016 and beyond.

Here’s the bit most people want to hear about though (or at least, I did)…

How To Earn While You Learn

The purpose of this post is to bring Parts 1 & 2 together and explain how we give our students a means to ‘earn while they learn’ as soon as they join any of our training programs.

We are teaching the valuable (and highly sought after) skillset of being able to use the internet to match customers to an offer. But in order to generate an income from this, you need a product to sell.

Problem? Most people don’t have their own product or business.

Even if they do, they are often restricted to a somewhat local market and don’t understand how they can monetise what they have to a global customer base.

The affiliate opportunity with SFM empowers every student to start implementing their new marketing skills to re-sell the very same training platform and products they have invested in themselves. In doing so, they have the opportunity to earn healthy commissions (up to 40%) on those sales.

In essence, every SFM student has access to a turn-key, franchise-like business system. This is not to be confused with network marketing or MLM. You are making commissions only from your own direct sales.

There is no physical product handling involved, no cold calling and definitely no hassling your friends and family to buy. There is simply no need when there are billions of people online actively looking for what you have to offer.

Our team of experts and automated platform takes care of everything involved in fulfilment and delivery once you make a sale.IMG_9144

The only thing you are responsible for here is learning how to market, implementing what you have learned and finally – earning from the sales you make while you continue to learn and scale-up by introducing additional income streams to your portfolio.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to wake up, check my email and find out I’ve made sales while I have been sleeping! These emails are very exciting and it still blows my mind… 

With the ‘high ticket’ product line we have available, this can very quickly scale to a significant and multiple revenue stream on a monthly basis.

Two resources you may find helpful in seeing exactly how this is possible are as follows:

  1. SFM Full Compensation Plan breakdown
  2. [Presentation with Stuart – 52mins] ‘3 Revenue Streams Every Business MUST Have’

Webcast thumb

Many of our students take up our affiliate opportunity purely to learn some basics, then prefer to take those skills in to a new arena – recent examples being:

  • Starting their own agency providing digital services to local businesses
  • Coaching private clients in all aspects of growing their business online
  • Selling affiliate products in other, booming industries
  • Producing and selling their own products
  • Growing and scaling their existing business online

It can take some time to master this stuff, of course. We often see new students getting decent results in a few months but for me, it was a little longer. BUT – the thing to remember is this…

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are willing to pay huge amounts of money to individuals who can bring them more customers. Fact!

Consequently, I really didn’t care how long it took me as it was my way out of the confines of employment and the rat race.

But this is a skill FOR LIFE – so it is worth the work and the wait in my opinion!