Education, Leadership & Contribution – Green School, Bali

Education, Leadership & Contribution – Green School, Bali

My feelings on ‘traditional’ education have changed dramatically since discovering a new one for myself.

A ‘digital education‘ has been entirely responsible for the lifestyle I’m now incredibly grateful to be living.

I feel fortunate to have discovered this in my thirties when so many people are forced by circumstance to make big changes later in life or perhaps under an enormous amount of pressure with a lot more responsibility than I ever had.

My new education has enabled me to earn more money, spend more time with the people in my life I care about and the time and freedom to explore, expand my network, gain mentorship and learn so many other things about myself.

Ultimately, I’m happier than I have ever been. 

I now often find myself questioning the validity of some of the mainstream curriculums being taught to children when they are at school.

An education in working towards HAPPINESS, COMMUNITY and CONTRIBUTION?

How much of what we learn in school focuses on our future happiness or ability to enter adulthood with life skills that can serve us and the society we become part of?!

While I was in Bali recently, I visited a school I had heard about through a friend (one of many who I initially connected with via our online community) and felt extremely compelled to visit!

Here’s a quick summary of the tour:

How much of what you learned at school is directly serving you in your levels of happiness and ability to live a life of meaning?

What would you do with a new education? A new lifestyle?

Although my original goal with starting an online business was the freedom to travel more, it’s experiences like visiting Green School that are starting to open my eyes to the HUGE opportunity we all have to make an impact in the world.

I would never have heard about it nor had the opportunity to discover this were it not for transforming my own lifestyle first and making some of the connections that have come with that.

If you’re a believer in the saying “we cannot begin to help others until we help ourselves”… 


Decide to make the changes in your life that will you the time and freedom to be, do and have more of what’s important to you.

Only then will you realise just how much you can do this for others and make your own unique impact.

** You can read more about Green School on their website here or follow them on Facebook.