If you’re thinking (like I was), “but I don’t have anything to sell”, it’s not a problem and need not hold you back.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the simplest business models to get started with online. Remember that time you shared your Uber link and BOTH you and your friend got a free ride? Win-win-win right?! 

The idea of this initial training, is to equip you with skillsets to market anything on the internet and earn what we call ‘affiliate’ or ‘referral’ commissions. Your last purchase on Amazon or eBay more than likely resulted in a third party receiving a commission in this way – whether you realised it or not!

Speaking of Amazon, e-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries and we have comprehensive curriculums for that too if it’s something that appeals to you.

Our curriculums cater for multiple online business models

Whether you’re looking to upskill yourself in order to take an existing business online and market it, or build additional online income streams from scratch, we have you covered.

An unprecedented opportunity…

World Class Affiliate Program

The Mentors afffiliate program is a great first step into starting a business of your own as students are positioned to sell an entire line of diverse products as soon as you’re set up with your own system.

This is the ideal way to start implementing the training and system until you are sufficiently skilled enough to branch out in to other businesses or markets and apply the same methods to another new or existing business.

The Mentors affiliate program boasts one of the worlds most innovative and powerful ambassador offerings ever to exist. Multi-millions a year in commissions are paid out annually to affiliates and referral partners, who are provided with incredible tools and insights to support them with their marketing efforts.

‘High Ticket’ Product Commissions

Working ‘smarter not harder’ is something you’ll here us preach round these parts! Technology and automation are only part of the equation. No amount of marketing will outweigh bad math or a product that isn’t valuable to a customer. Too many businesses are struggling simply by not selling products or services of high enough value. This can be the difference between profit and loss in many cases.

The above are some of the initial curriculums students start the training with, but are also affiliate products that we recommend marketing to start using the foundational skillsets they learn. This way, there is an opportunity to ‘earn while you learn’ by implementing our training, if you don’t already have an existing business.

There are multiple revenue streams available for referral within the product line offered by the Mentors platform and partner companies, with commissions ranging from $20 up to $5600 per sale.

Partner commissions when promoting the Mentors product line offer both residual and high ticket income streams. Payments are made via Paypal or wire transfer on the 15th of every month for the whole of the preceding calendar month.

Freelance Consulting

The new skills you will develop as part of your journey with us as an affiliate marketer, are fast becoming some of the most highly soughtafter for many industries.

Multi-million dollar brands are desperate to leverage the internet to reduce their enormous advertising budgets but the truth is the majority of so called ‘experts, simply don’t have the knowledge or skills to do this effectively for their clients.

Some of our students have gone on to start their own consulting and agency services for local, national and international companies – enabling them to command four and five figure monthly retainers, in addition to hourly consulting fees equal to or above what they previously earned in a week in their jobs.

MEET JAY: Ex-military turned Facebook Ads Pro

As part of the Heavy Head Social team, Jay is now a specialist running Facebook campaigns for e-commerce fashion brands – taking them from struggling to make profit, to 7-figures per month in revenue. He gets paid on performance of this improvement…do the maths on that!

MEET LANDRIA: Ex-Investment Banker turned YouTube Influencer

“Hang around with other people who are doing what you want – that are succesful at it! Not the ones that tell you that you can’t do it, because they’re not living lives that they love either… “

Monetise Your Passions

There has never been a better time in history to monetise your existing interests, expertise and passions. Maybe you already have a passion project, hobby or area of expertise that you’re desperate to share with the world. 

After 25 years as an investment banker and seeing that traditional employment wasn’t working for her, Landria Onkka realized there was something missing. She found the gateway to the training, mentorship, and community that she was looking for here.

Landria has built a 7-figure business selling her own books and courses online. She gets recognized in public as a result of her YouTube following – a channel dedicated to teachings and insights on manifesting and the law of attraction – a topic very close to her heart.

You literally have nothing to lose…

We are 100% confident you’ll love this training and – by the end of it – will have had your mind blown wide open with the vast opportunities available to you online. If not, you can request a refund – even if you watch everything and take the full 30 days to do it.

You don’t have to explain anything. Either use the one-click option in your dashboard yourself, or let the Mentors Support team know it’s not for you and they’ll organise your refund. None of that “submit your homework and prove you completed x/y/z” rubbish either… just your money back – no questions asked.

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