Hopefully by now parts 1 & 2 of this mini-series of blog posts has helped break this all down for you in layman’s terms. Trust me – I needed a LOT more explanation when I first read about affiliate marketing so if you’re keeping up so far, you’re doing extremely well!

If you missed them, it might be worth a quick read of those before you continue with this one:

Part #1 – You DON’T Need A Big Idea

Part #2 – Getting the RIGHT Education

We’ve established that there is without doubt a growing need for digital skillsets in almost every industry and market in existence today. The specific skills in question will obviously vary – which we are addressing in a massive way with our longer term vision with Digital Experts Academy in 2016 and beyond.

Here’s the bit most people want to hear about though (or at least, I did)…

How To Earn While You Learn

The purpose of this post is to bring Parts 1 & 2 together and explain how we give our students a means to ‘earn while they learn’ as soon as they join any of our training programs.

We are teaching the valuable (and highly sought after) skillset of being able to use the internet to match customers to an offer. But in order to generate an income from this, you need a product to sell.

Problem? Most people don’t have their own product or business.

Even if they do, they are often restricted to a somewhat local market and don’t understand how they can monetise what they have to a global customer base.

The affiliate opportunity with SFM empowers every student to start implementing their new marketing skills to re-sell the very same training platform and products they have invested in themselves. In doing so, they have the opportunity to earn healthy commissions (up to 40%) on those sales.

In essence, every SFM student has access to a turn-key, franchise-like business system. This is not to be confused with network marketing or MLM. You are making commissions only from your own direct sales.

There is no physical product handling involved, no cold calling and definitely no hassling your friends and family to buy. There is simply no need when there are billions of people online actively looking for what you have to offer.

Our team of experts and automated platform takes care of everything involved in fulfilment and delivery once you make a sale.IMG_9144

The only thing you are responsible for here is learning how to market, implementing what you have learned and finally – earning from the sales you make while you continue to learn and scale-up by introducing additional income streams to your portfolio.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to wake up, check my email and find out I’ve made sales while I have been sleeping! These emails are very exciting and it still blows my mind… 

With the ‘high ticket’ product line we have available, this can very quickly scale to a significant and multiple revenue stream on a monthly basis.

Two resources you may find helpful in seeing exactly how this is possible are as follows:

  1. SFM Full Compensation Plan breakdown
  2. [Presentation with Stuart – 52mins] ‘3 Revenue Streams Every Business MUST Have’

Webcast thumb

Many of our students take up our affiliate opportunity purely to learn some basics, then prefer to take those skills in to a new arena – recent examples being:

  • Starting their own agency providing digital services to local businesses
  • Coaching private clients in all aspects of growing their business online
  • Selling affiliate products in other, booming industries
  • Producing and selling their own products
  • Growing and scaling their existing business online

It can take some time to master this stuff, of course. We often see new students getting decent results in a few months but for me, it was a little longer. BUT – the thing to remember is this…

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are willing to pay huge amounts of money to individuals who can bring them more customers. Fact!

Consequently, I really didn’t care how long it took me as it was my way out of the confines of employment and the rat race.

But this is a skill FOR LIFE – so it is worth the work and the wait in my opinion!