One of the most popular blog posts I published on my original website was all to do with the results, the figures, the moolah…!

“SHOW ME THE MONEY…” I hear you cry. Ok, calm down… I will!

People want and need to see results to believe it works. Which I guess is fair enough.

That said, it’s a major flaw in mindset if you’re going to start your own business (in other words, you need to believe you’ll succeed regardless of the short term results)… but that’s a topic for another post!

It sounds so cliche to say it now but the longer I have been doing this, the less the money seems to be the fulfilling part!

Sure, it’s pretty incredible when you sit back and look at the ROI and the fact that in my eighth month, I made quadruple what I was earning in my day job – that really did blow me away at the time.

But the fulfilment really seems to be coming from the things I am now able to do with my time due to the flexibility this business and skillset has given me.

As I type this, I am sat in the cafe at the David Lloyd Health Club enjoying a latte and chicken wrap.

I played tennis this morning, had a one hour personal training session with the lovely Gemma and as soon as I finish this blog post, I’m going to visit my grandmother in hospital at around 2pm for an hour or so.

laptop coffee

THAT is what I am feeling is SO worth it right now! 

My health and family time look a hell of a lot different compared to 6months ago when my evenings were mostly spent rushing home from work to hole myself up in my room on my laptop, surviving on dinners of Pringles and dip. Lovely.

But this is not about me! It’s about YOU!

More importantly, showing you what is possible in a relatively small amount of time with a relatively small amount of investment compared to other business models.

I wanted to copy over the content of my previous blog post with the earnings report I put together in January 2015 – 12months after starting online from scratch.

Where can you get a 422% return on investment in 12months?!*

[obligatory disclaimer for those who believe there is such a thing as a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and/or are not prepared to work hard… jog on please – this is not for you!]

Not in your savings account.

I’m a big fan of property investment but you’re doing well if you hit 20% there right? And mistakes can be pretty costly.

But what IS an online business?

Well, there’s a few ways of making money online (another topic for another post!).

‘Referral marketing – also known as affiliate marketing – appealed to me initially as I liked the idea of getting paid to recommend stuff to people! I’d done it all my life but had no idea you could get PAID for it! Awesome.

But in terms of choosing a business to start, I was drawn to it because it offered a model and system that…

  • did NOT require me having my own existing business, product or service
  • did NOT involve hassling friends and family like a lot of MLM and network marketing schemes do
  • did NOT require a huge amount of start up capital
  • did NOT rely on working any particular set hours or location
  • DID mean I would be learning something that could also be applied to starting and growing other business ideas

But how do you DO affiliate marketing online?

THIS is a great question… and is exactly what the training produced by the Six Figure Mentors offers.

Simultaneously, if you don’t have any products of your own or a business to promote as yet, the SFM offer the chance to promote their products in order to implement your training. Which is what I did and still do as my core business activity.

Affiliate marketing with the SFM really does enable you to ‘earn while you learn’ and is what makes it such a powerful investment. As well as giving you the ‘customer finding’ skills to future proof any other ventures you may wish to start or grow.

So, if you’re someone looking for something new but have no idea what you want to do with your life (like me, circa August 2013) – affiliate marketing is a pretty good place to start.

It may not fill you with passion to begin with, but the returns – not to mention core skillsets it forces you to learn and doors of opportunity they can then open – are potentially, phenomenal. We are talking footballers’ wages – seriously!

You can download said earnings report from my first 12months online HERE.

As always, if you have any questions, drop me a message on Facebook or via the Contact page.


*All pricing for educational curriculums mentioned are correct at time of posting but are subject to change. Individual results will vary and cannot be guaranteed – please read our full Disclaimer. Thanks!