Working on boats is awesome. Isn’t it?

People constantly tell you, “YOU’RE LIVING THE DREAM”… but for some reason, a couple of years in, it’s lost some of its charm. Do these people realise that you’re still actually working?! Pretty hard in fact!

  • Did you join this industry to save some serious money BUT.. are spending it all in your time off?!
  • You want to continue earning good money to provide a great life for your family BUT at the same time you’re missing out on that life and not able to attend weddings, birthdays etc?
  • “I’ll just do one more season so we can put a deposit down on a house and settle down together”… BUT your partner has since either called it off or, (if you’re lucky) hanging in there but sick of you being away all the time!

We tell ourselves this is such a great option but if we stay in it too long, it actually becomes completely counterproductive to what we originally set out to achieve!tired deckhand

These are just a few of the things that made me start to question what I could do next with my life after working on boats if and when that time came.

BUT… can any other jobs offer this lifestyle?

It’s ADDICTIVE getting paid (well) to travel the world, right?!

Then, out of nowhere, my uncle was diagnosed with liver cancer and given a year to live. He actually passed away 4weeks later by which time I had already dropped everything and was back in London to support the family through it.

I just couldn’t leave my family this time, I wanted to be closer to home for now. Which meant needing a job. That said, having just been swanning around the Med and Caribbean for a couple of years, WTF was I going to do that wouldn’t make me want to shoot myself – the thought of commuting and being chained to a desk literally terrified me!

It was a frustrating position to be in knowing I was a hard worker and confident I could learn anything if shown how. But after travelling on and off for so many years, my CV would struggle to get a decent salary on land.

Going back to a job in an office? No thanks… *cough, spit, splutter*.

kogo stews002Unfortunately I had no choice under the circumstances and was soon holed up in my little cubicle being reminded daily of all the things I had left to get away from – office politics, massive egos, discussions about the most ridiculous materialistic things and people generally complaining about their lives but doing nothing to change them. It was a joy…!

An internet based business can give you a lifestyle…

I’d joked for years about finding a business idea I could run from my laptop and knew that they existed, I’d just never found one that sounded legitimate and I didn’t have any knowledge whatsoever in how to make it work.

It turned out that being back in the ‘nine to five’ was exactly the kick up the backside I needed to actually go out and look for that knowledge.

So I started looking around. Disappointingly – all I found was a lot of scammy sounding cr*p.

Then, eventually, I found something that seemed pretty authentic. So I jumped in.

Frankly, I’ve never looked back.

‘Earn while you learn’…

In my first 12months of implementing an ‘earn while you learn‘ system of digital business training, I managed to make almost 50% of my day job salary.

Not only had I found undoubtedly some world class and leading training in how to start from scratch, the same training company offered the opportunity to implement their training by marketing their products.

I was a little gobsmacked but also hooked! For a full breakdown of how it panned out, check out my earnings report from my first year.

HOWEVERplease be aware this is not one of those hyped up ‘get-rich- quick’ schemes. If you’re looking to make millions by next week – please move along, this is not for you.

I worked my backside off in every spare hour I had around a full time job for 18months until I was finally able to walk away from it in August 2015.

But if someone told you that you could do the same and be living your ideal lifestyle in that same time frame, would it be worth it?

Would that be a decent exit strategy from working on superyachts?

It certainly beats cleaning toilets with a cotton bud for the next 30years in my honest opinion…! 🙂

Check out the video below from my friend and now business partner, Stuart.

It was his training I started out with and would recommend to anyone as a first step in to learning about getting in to any form of business online.


And don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions.

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