First of all, please excuse the slightly tipsy approach to this interview… BUT it’s still worth a read! [or watch the video below if you prefer]

12months ago, Dorne McLoughlin was driving hundreds of miles a day in her full time, corporate field sales job. With two children and a husband who also works full time, to say life was pretty hectic is an understatement.

Dorne stumbled across an ad on Facebook offering the opportunity to ‘live a laptop lifestyle’.

Dorne & I catching up at the SFM Momentum Day in London, September 2015

To cut a long, emotional and incredibly hard working story short… a year later, this ‘mumpreneur’ is now the proud owner of Ribbit Media Solutions and delivering workshops to local businesses on how to grow their online presence and revenue.

I think it’s safe to say Dorne is pretty happy with her new lifestyle – I don’t think this woman ever stops smiling!

Her energy is infectious and she has proven that with enough of a ‘why’, you really can transform yourself, your life and lifestyle using the education and coaching offered by the Six Figure Mentors.

I caught up with Dorne at our most recent SFM Momentum Day in London (yes, we’d had a couple of drinks, she is a fellow lush) to ask how life has changed and what she’s now able to earn from just one client having invested in her education.

Not to mention the flexibility she now has to work from home, choosing her hours meaning she can enjoy the school run and spend a lot more time with Grace and Reuben – who are very much a part of the Ribbit team in their own special way!

Video below but here’s a few quotes from Dorne…

I realised I had all this knowledge, experience and everything the SFM had taught me to build a digital business…

Ribbit Media has been formed for me to help local businesses get online and grow through social media.

I’m working with my local bowling alley and a few other businesses and am running my first workshop next week.

I’m charging £247 per person to attend, 6 people are attending. So for one client, I have invoiced £2,500 so far this month.

Life is GREAT!

Are YOU our next success story?

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