Money Making Skills That Pay The Bills

Money Making Skills That Pay The Bills

our imgThere is nothing I love more than getting emails from people who are so fired up to take massive action to change their lives.

BUT… let’s have a quick reality check…

As an online entrepreneur, you will need to be prepared to master some stuff that may not fire you up as much as the goal itself, in order to reach the goal!

I remember being up at 3am (on a ‘school night’ in 2014) slumped over a very small laptop (couldn’t afford to upgrade it), neck ache, itchy-scratchy eyeballs, Pringles and dip for dinner again before getting up at 7am for work…

I know I’m not alone in having been in the above scenario!

I think was figuring out how to put a Facebook conversion tracking pixel on my first ever (rather shit looking) website for the first time.

I keep hearing/seeing people online who clearly fancy themselves as the next Oprah or Tony Robbins or Ellen. Which is great. The world needs more of all of those.

But let’s back it up a sec…

Have you found anyone willing to pay attention to YOU over all of the noise of the online world?

Are you strategically learning any skillsets to incentivise anyone to listen to and like you, let alone give your their money?!

Not yet? Ok, cool.

So, let’s amongst it and get some skills to pay the bills!

Understand that your money producing activities may well NOT be the ‘fun or fulfilment producing’ activities.

It’s great that you have this burning desire to write a book, be creative, work for a higher purpose, live your passion and change the world – never lose that.

Especially if you have total clarity on what that looks like for YOU.


How much easier do you think all of that will be to achieve if you’ve got a stable and healthy income behind you?

Please, understand you will need to grind your way through a learning curve first to earn the privilege of doing more of what you love.

Understand that making cold, hard cash may take longer than you think and parts of it may not be your idea of fun at all!

I discuss this more in this video… [click to play]

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Your #1 Money Producing Activity: BUILDING AN AUDIENCE

Without first having some kind of following – meaning people who may one day indeed be loyal, PAYING customers – you’re a bit like those guys who stand in the street endlessly preaching random bible passages with people throwing their pitiful pocket change in to a bucket out of sympathy to get them to shut up.

Is that what you want?! Nope, me neither.

THIS is why it’s so important to understand what skills you need to focus your attention on learning in order to have the biggest financial impact on a¬†business in the online world.

Let’s face it – it’s a LOT easier to build a business and your vision with your bills and expenses taken care of, right?!

There is no better place to start and grow a business RIGHT NOW than the internet!


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