The digital world of opportunity we live in can often be a bit of a double edged sword. Whilst we have the chance to reach and connect with people on a global scale using technology, it is also fast becoming the downfall of some of our ‘human-ness’! Times have changed and we are busier (or at least we think we are!) and at risk of becoming more disconnected than ever before.

It took losing a loved one unexpectedly to start looking for ways to change that for myself. Since doing so, every area of my life has dramatically improved. A huge part of that has been working smarter in order to have the time to focus on learning more about myself, what I want to stand for and finding my voice around that.

During the journey of building my business, I was privileged to work one-on-one with one of our Platinum Personal Branding mentors – John Jackson – through a ‘Why Discovery’ process, where we boiled this down to the following statement…

“To inspire others with the courage to have authentic, catalytic conversations, so that they experience a connection to creating their most fun and fulfilled life…”


Everything I do here is centred in educating others to understand that they can also choose to make that change for themselves. This in turn will contribute to creating a world where people are inspired with the courage and freedom to be the best possible version of themselves. In other words, a world with more happiness and human connection.


It is my mission with ‘Your Wifi Life’, to be a source of education and an introduction to the many pathways available to people to create a new reality for themselves. A reality of building leveraged businesses online providing a lifestyle of more time, more money and most importantly, more freedom.


Learn the 'Modern Wealthy' Approach to Online Business & Transform Your Quality Of Life!

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