What will you be doing with your down time over the Christmas holiday?

Aside from the obvious ripping open of presents and eating and drinking to excess – if you’re honest, will you also secretly be aware of…

  • Dreading the idea of your first trip to the gym in January? 
  • Committing to a new diet or other crazy resolutions that you know you’re unlikely to keep?!
  • Hating the idea of that first alarm clock for your first day back at work?

How do we make all this easier…? START NOW!

Getting a jump start on the New Year just makes it all so much less of an epic task to face in January.

Time for a quick story metaphor… 🙂

Having spent a lot of time on planes in the last few weeks, it occurred to me that they spend quite a long time faffing about on the runway before take off.

More often than not – having got carried away in Duty Free or the Lounge – I’ve most likely sprinted to make it to the gate for the final call and am super stressed by the time I actually get to my seat.

My own voice screaming in my head, “JUST GET IN THE AIR ALREADY!” as the aircraft coasts around the tarmac for what feels like an eternity.

Recently on a flight to Las Vegas, I got chatting to the couple next to me and it turned out the husband half was a retired pilot.

runway shotHe was explaining the ins and outs of the processes and checks that go on during this time (while his wife rolled her eyes apologetically and I nodded and smiled politely) and in short, everything that’s happening during said coasting on tarmac is highly necessary in order to get the plane in the air successfully.

So yeah… that metaphor kinda struck home again when I realised it was almost the end of December again.

Use NOW – these last few days of the year – as your ‘runway’, so to speak. So that when January rolls around, your engines are running full pelt and your year (and life) is ready to TAKE OFF!

Take this time out to look at ways to make sure next Christmas has you reflecting on massive progress and growth in all areas of your life. Not still stuck in the same place you are right now.

You may as well start with your earning potential right?

To help get you on that proverbial runway, we want to extend a special offer with our Six Figure Mentors application for the remainder of 2015.

wifi only

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In other words – you have absolutely nothing to lose by spending some time (while you have it!) taking a look around at our education programs and business system.

Could 2016 be your year to discover how you can leverage the internet and digital economy to build your own lifestyle business?

By submitting your application you will get over 6 hours of training with Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek – Co-founders of Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy – worth literally thousands of dollars.

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  • Fill in the questionnaire after purchasing your application.
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30days guarantee